Making waxing a more comfortable experience

English: A can of wax for hair removal.

Before you even go to get waxed take an aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen about an hour before. Don’t wear oils or lotions.  Although the Esthetician should remove the lotion or oil with a special cleanser or toner before waxing, it is easier if you start the waxing with no products on your arms, legs, et cetera. Don’t exfoliate before or after waxing.  Waxing itself exfoliates the skin. You will only irritate the skin if you exfoliate.


Have the Esthetician apply a light dusting of powder on your skin for the wax to better adhere to the skin. Every time that wax is removed pressure should be applied by the Esthetician with their hand or fingers to stop the pain.  This is very important! If you have sensitive skin, ask for hard wax instead of soft wax. Soft wax is applied with strips while hard wax is not. It is not cost or time-effective to have hard wax applied to the legs, but elsewhere is fine.  Once the waxing is done the Esthetician should massage in oil to remove excess wax and soothe the skin. If waxing the brows, the oil should be taken off after massaging into the skin and brow to remove the excess wax.  The toner should be used again so as to keep you from breaking out.

If your Esthetician isn’t doing one or all of these steps, ask her to do so.  It will make all the difference!


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