Milia those pesky bumps

Milia are those pesky bumps you get under the skin that feel like a hard white bead or pearl.  At some point in your life you have probably had milia.  They are a fairly common skin condition.  Milia are mainly found on the forehead, under eyes, around the nose and cheeks. They can be found on other parts of the body as well.  Newborns in particular  tend to get milia but they usually go away on there own.  In adults if they don’t go away on their own see a Dermatologist.  Do not remove them yourself.  It can cause scarring! A Dermatologist will either remove them with a lancet (a sharp disposal needle) or scalpel, prescribe a retinoid (prescription strength vitamin A cream/gel), or a series of microdermabrasion or acid peels.


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