Help! My eyebrow has a bald spot!

I’m sure that this has either happened to you or someone you know.  You get your brows waxed and end up with a bald spot, uneven, or misshapen brows.

  What do you do?

  Your first thought is to panic and try to fix them yourself.


The worst thing at this point is to wax or pluck your eyebrows yourself.  Your best approach is to grow out and camouflage the brow for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how long it takes your brows to grow.  You can help the brow growth along by using Rogaine (don’t use on lashes) applied with a Q-tip or a lash growth serum (they work wonders on the brow as well).  Avoid lash growth serums with prostaglandin analogs that can darken the skin & eyes if using for lash growth and you have light colored eye (see Prostagladin side effects link below) for eyebrows it is fine and actually works better than non-prostaglandin lash growth serums.

Camouflage the brow with an eyebrow pencil or powder and brow wax.  Make sure to use the pencil or powder on both eyes to make the brow look even and seal in the brow shape with the brow wax.  When using an eyebrow pencil make sure to have a sharp point, draw small lines to resemble hairs and soften the lines with a eyebrow brush or Q-tip.  If using powder, use a stiff eyebrow brush and shimmy it gently inside your brow in the bald area and lightly brush down a very small amount of powder everywhere else in the brow.  Remember!  A little goes a long way with the brow.  If you use too much pencil or powder, remove gently with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover or toner.  A gentle touch should always be used in the eye area and the brow.  You don’t want to tug and pull at your skin causing wrinkles.  Rubbing your brows can cause you to loose more hairs, which you don’t want.

Side effects of Prostagladin click here




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