How to keep your hands looking youthful.

Protect and moisturize!

English: Female hands.

The two most important rules to youthful looking hands, so many peopleconcentrate on making their face look youthful, failing to take the time to care for their hands.

  Protect your hands by wearing gloves when doing dishes, working outdoors, keep your hands exposure to chemicals and water to a minimum and always moisturize them once clean.  Keep hand cream in convenient places so that you are sure to use it.  The kitchen and bathroom sink, your car, purse, and your desk at work are all great places.  Your daily daytime hand cream should have sun block for sun protection and lactic or glycolic acids, to protect and revitalize the skin.  At night apply a heavier hand cream.  You don’t need a hand cream with sun block at night.  For better penetration of the product wear cotton gloves to bed, this also helps if you touch your face or sleep on your hands at night to keep from transferring the heavy cream to your face causing break outs.

Use a face or body scrub to exfoliate your hands once to twice a week.  Don’t use pressure when using a scrub on any part of the body all you need is the light movement of your hand to have the scrub do its job.

Pay attention to your cuticles and nails.  You may want to buy cuticle/nail oil if they are very dry and peeling.  Apply a drop of oil to each nail and work into the cuticle and nail.


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