I know you want to pick, but don’t!

Please, please, please don’t pick at your breakouts!

I know you have heard this from everyone, but I will say it again!



You can cause scarring, spread the bacteria causing more breakouts, and permanently damage the pore.

This being said even if you are good and go to a professional such as an esthetician or dermatologist, which is what you should do, you will probably give into temptation and pick at your breakouts at least every once and a while.

Here are a few tips for those of you who give into temptation and pick, to help minimize the damage you can cause when you do so:

  • Never pick at or squeeze a whitehead or blackhead if your face or hands are dirty! Wash your face and hands, no exceptions!
  • After washing your face, take a clean hand towel and soak it in water and heat in the microwave for a few seconds to get it nice and hot. Make sure to test the towel on your wrist first to make sure it isn’t too hot. Put the cloth on your face making sure to leave your nose exposed so you can breath. Leave the towel on for at least a minute to soften the skin and open the pores.
  • Apply toner to your skin that is appropriate for your skin type with a cotton ball or pad.
  • Do your extractions in a well lit room with a wall mirror so both hands are free!
  • You use your fingers, cotton swabs with the with the wooden sticks or a metal extractor (for the extractor tips, see blue).
  • Never use you fingers for extractions unless they are wrapped in cotton, gauze, or tissue. This is important, you don’t want your nails to cut and scratch your skin!
  • Use your pointer finger on your right and left hands.
  • Once your fingers are wrapped spray or dip your wrapped fingers in toner or water so that the wrapping is slightly damp. The same applies if you use a swab.
  • Never use the tips of your fingers, you will end up using too much pressure, use the sides of your fingers instead.
  • Your pores on your forehead, jawline, and chin are vertical. When removing blackheads or whiteheads from those areas place your fingers above and below or side to side with gentle even pressure.
  • Your pores on cheeks are at a slight angle upward. When removing whiteheads or blackheads from your cheeks place one finger above and on below. Gently in a rolling motion slightly raise the skin with your lower finger and roll it up toward your top finger.
  • Always use gentle pressure.  To much pressure can cause broken capillaries and damage the dermis, this is especially true if use the metal extractor.
  • Still having a problem removing a breakout slightly shimmy your fingers as your apply pressure to your skin.
  • If you haven’t removed all your breakouts in 10 minutes stop. Give your skin a break, extraction are hard on the skin don’t overdo it. You can always do more extractions the next day.
  • If using the metal extractor, which can be great for hard to get to places like ears, make sure to sanitize it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide before and after you use it every time! Don’t share your extractor with anyone it isn’t sanitary.
  • Gently place the loop of the extractor around the breakout, so that it encircles it.  Start with the flat edged loop first if it doesn’t remove the breakout try the rounded edged loop. Make sure the loop is placed flat on the skin and with gentle even pressure slowly move the extractor across the skin until the extractor is just touching the edge of the break out, then remove the extractor from the face.
  • After extractions follow up by applying toner to the face.
  • If you have a breakout that needs the skin to broken in order to remove the breakout, leave it alone for a few days! If it still hasn’t come to the surface see a professional don’t go digging in your face with a sharp object to remove it!  THIS WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE SKIN!


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