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Maria Edgeworth is wise. True beauty is beauty where no effort is needed to enjoy that beauty. A sunrise, a baby’s smile, a great laugh, or like Lady Anne Percival an ease of manner and personality that gives you not only comfort and warmth but allows you to see her inner beauty.


English: Portrait of Maria Edgeworth, line and...

Portrait of Maria Edgeworth,



"Best-Chosen Language."

  “The effect of her manners, like that of her beauty, was rather to be felt than described.  Everybody was at ease in her company, and none felt themselves called upon to admire her.  To Clarence Hervey, who had been used to the brilliant and exigent Lady Delacour, this respite from the fatigue of admiration was peculiarly agreeable.  The unconstrained cheerfulness of Lady Anne Percival spoke a mind at ease, and immediately imparted happiness by exacting sympathy.  But in Lady Delacour’s wit and gaiety there was an appearance of art and effort which often destroyed the pleasure which she wished to communicate.”  ~Maria Edgeworth, Belinda.

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