Why Patience is a Virtue!

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(Photo credit: simpologist)

Patience is key when it comes to a skincare regime! 

Time and time again I hear people say that a product doesn’t work that they tried it for a few days or for a week and saw no results.


 Yes, there are some products where you see results right away.  However, even then you should use the product(s) as directed for at least a month to truly start seeing results.  It took time to cause the damage to your skin and it will take time to undo that damage.  Don’t give up early and switch to another product.  It ends up being an endless cycle of switching from product to product looking for that quick fix.  Sometimes slow and steady wins that race!


  1. AMEN! ❤ I hate it when someone buys something and returns it because "it doesn't work" when they only used it for 3 days! SO annoying.



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