I’m Taking Water the Challenge!

I’m challenging myself to drink the proper amount of water a day.

To determine how much water you should be drinking use this formula:

Your Weight/8 = X

X/2 = The Amount Of 8 oz. Of Water You Should Be Drinking A Day

Add 2 More 8 oz. For Strenuous Exercise

Water ball

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Your Skin is made up of 70% water. It is reflected in your skin the amount of water you drink. Too little and skin can look dry, flaky, and dull. When you drink the right amount your skin has more moisture, better texture, and gives your skin a healthy glow.
Take the challenge! Drink more water!



  1. Good for you; drinking that amount of water, will get you to look, and feel, so much better!! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)


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