Nail Polish Color Blocking

Via Chloe’s Nails 11/2/10

Here is a great tutorial for color blocking nails:

Patchwork mani Tutorial….

I posted this on MUA back on October 20th, here is the original post

So I figured I should post it here, and hope it helps you guys 🙂 I will only show the 4 nails, that you see in the pic, but you get the idea.

This time I started with a hot pink. Orly Purple Crush

I then put on a coat of SV, and let that dry.

Then I taped off my pinky, like so.
****Please remember to stick the tape to your palm before you place it on your nails. This removes some of the stickiness, and prevents the tape from pulling up your base polish. Sometimes you may need to stick it a few times. ****

Grabbed my 2nd color, black, and painted the non-taped section
Then pulled off the tape, and ta da
Next was my ring finger. I taped that off (still using the same piece of tape)
Painted the black
and pulled off
Middle finger
Painted it black
(forgot to take a pic when the tape got pulled off 😦 )

Pointer finger

Painted it black (didn’t get a pic again) and pulled it off
Then, when you’re done all the nails, top them all off with SV and let it dry

Then go back to your pinky, and using 2 pieces of tape, tape it off

Painted on BFF
Then pulled the tape off

Ring finger
Middle finger
Pointer finger
I didn’t get pics of the BFF being painted on the rest, because I figured you had the idea by then. but when your done…………you get this!

Hope this helps!!!

Oh and if you notice the final step in painting the BFF on my ring finger, I had the tape in the wrong place, but I fixed it, and didn’t get a pic.


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