Choosing a Safe Nail Salon for Your Mani-Pedi


Manicure (Photo credit: kodomut)

Choosing a Safe Nail

Salon for Your


Getting your nails done is always a treat.  Unfortunately, the existence of unsanitary salons means that you have to be observant and be careful as to where you go to have your nails done.   Be prepared to look for clues as to whether or not the salon you choose is sanitary.

Look for that License!

First thing when you walk into a Nail Salon look for a license on the wall.  A valid business license is okay but it is better if the technicians have a proper license to prove that they have been educated to be competent enough to do your nails safely. If you don’t see a license hanging on the walls, ask the receptionist for proof, if they give you the run around you should walk out.


There are certain signs of cleanliness (disinfection, sanitation, and sterilization) that you can look for, specifically each manicure station and pedicure tub.  Each pedicure tub should be drained and cleaned after each use, so there shouldn’t be standing water in any of the tubs. You should be able to easily see if they clean up after each pedicure while you wait.  They should be using spray bottles with disinfectant not just soap to clean the tubs!  Even better is if the salon uses individual rigid plastic tub liners!

Ask the salon owners how often tools are sterilized and how.  They should say that they use an autoclave for stainless steel and non-porous tools.  Porous tools should be sterilized with disinfectant and UV after each customer.  If you notice tools being used on several clients at once, it’s probably not a clean salon.  Since you can’t always guarantee that a salon owner is telling the truth about the frequency of tool cleaning, it’s the safest bet to bring your own nail tools from home. That way, you will know that the tools are only used on you and you can keep them clean yourself.   The salon should be happy to use your tools for your mani-pedi because then they don’t need to worry about cleaning their own tools after your appointment.

For more on nail care safety look at this link from Dr. Oz:


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