Sunscreen how much should I be wearing?

For your face and neck all you need is a dime to nickle sized amount of sunscreen. Dot the sunscreen over your face then rub in to make sure you cover all of the face.  Don’t forget your ears and the part in your hair on your scalp.

Dime Bar

Dime Bar (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

For the rest of your body a shot glass of sunscreen is ample. Don’t forget the tops and bottoms of your feet if you will be bare foot at the beach; wear a lip balm with SPF in it, sunglasses, and a hat.

An IKEA "Test" shot glass

Remember SPF is the sun protection factor for UVB rays only for UVA protection look for a sunscreen that says broad spectrum on the bottle.


  1. Good article. I will be facing a few of these issues as well..


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