Denim Nail Polish Look!

Via Girls in the Beauty Department Beauty:

Nail Art Alert! Behold A Gorgeous Denim Manicure, Inspired by Mila Kunis on Glamour‘s August Cover

Denim nails have been A Thing ever since Chanel debuted their trio of tempting blue polishes back in 2011. Still in love with the look? Check out what Jenny Pasha of the nail blog 10 Blank Canvases, created in honor of our denim-themed August issue and cover-shoot with Mila Kunis!

Here’s Jenny’s take on the denim nail art trend and her comments on how she created this super-cool mani. I could stare at it for hours!

“To create a denim look, I started with a dark blue base using Hanover Square by Nails Inc.


“Then I used a small, coarse paintbrush to paint vertical and horizontal lines with white acrylic paint.”


“And then, to make it slightly faded, I added another layer of the blue nail polish with a sponge.”


“Once dry, I finished with matte top coat and added stitching details and a few studs to look like buttons!”


“The accent nail on each hand matches one of the looks that Mila Kunis wears in her cover-shoot.”


“On the left hand the accent nail matches the Rag & Bone hat she wears on the cover and on the right hand the accent nail matches the Pucci jacket she wears in another photo. For these nails, I painted on the base colors then added the detail using acrylic paint and a fine striper nail art brush.”

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