What Olympians packed for London!

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Hope Solo – Soccer

Age 30; Richland, Washington (USA)

Photo Credit: Simple

Says the U.S. women’s soccer team goalkeeper: “First and foremost, my motto is ‘Look good, feel good, play good.’ When I go to London, I want to feel my best in every way-whether it’s in my uniform or off the field. Millions of viewers will be watching the games, so I want to look my best. I’ll absolutely need sunblock, and I love Cotz 40 SPF. I’ll also bring rosebud salve for lip balm.”


Age 32; Los Angeles (USA)

“I’m constantly doing my nails. At home in L.A., I’m in at the nail salon every week, but when we go overseas I become my own nail person; it’s hilarious. I’ll bring some clippers, nail polish remover, and nail polish. I use Essie and OPI. I don’t know what color I’m going to wear for the Olympics, but I’m thinking I’m gong to go with gold. Maybe gold and hot pink-switch it up a little bit. I’ll definitely wear gold nail polish for the final though.”

Tweezerman Satin Etched Zebra Stainless Steel Clipper Set, Essie Nail Polish in Lights and Golden Nuggets

Photo Credit: Tweezerman; Marko MacPherson

“My ideal bag to travel with? A purple crocodile tote.” 

Nancy Gonzalez bag

Photo Credit: Marko MacPherson


Age 23; Houston, Texas (USA)


“I use a lot of CoverGirl concealer and lip gloss.”
Photo Credit: Cover Girl


  1. wow.. it is special blog for some sports women.. glad to find this thanks


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