Quirky Waterproof Makeup used by the U.S. Synchronized Swim Team

2012 U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team

Via makeup.com

Think your hair gets dry in the summer? Try being an Olympian who’s required to log more than eight hours a day in a chlorinated pool and still somehow have hair that look’s like a Pantene commercial. That’s the task at hand for Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva of the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team, who will compete as a duet in the London games starting August 5. And when you’re an extreme athlete, sometimes you have to go extreme with your beauty routine. We got the scoop from Killman and Koroleva on their must-haves for competition.

1. Chapstick. Sure, plenty of Winter Olympic athletes rely on this to protect their lips from harsh temperatures and wind. But the synchro team uses it for an entirely different purpose: as a primer! They roll on a layer before applying eye makeup as the ultimate waterproofing agent.

2. Jell-O. They need their hairstyle to stay put underwater, where even extreme hold hairspray just doesn’t cut it. Instead, the pair swears by unflavored powdered gelatin—it keeps their ‘dos in place for the whole performance, and the protein also helps strengthen strands.

3. Vaseline. To prevent red, flaky skin from all of the exposure to chlorine—what the team calls “pool face”—the duo slathers on a layer of Vaseline to seal in moisture and prevent irritation.

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