National Relaxation Day!


Ways to Relax, Unwind and Loosen Up


Drink some green tea
Take a nap
Go outside
Get sunlight (vitamin D please)


Sun Pillar

Take some controlled deep breaths
Listen to classical music
Go to the gym
Eat more fruit
Eat more veggies
Get more fiber
Go for a walk
Talk to a friend on the phone, no texting, even better Skype or Facetime
Get up from your desk
Look at inspiring photos
Read your favorite blogs
Read national geographic or magazines about far away places
Go somewhere high with a vast view
Reduce the amount of caffeine you drink
Drink more water
Eat some healthy comfort food
Go for a swim
Go to a spa
Get a massage
Call some old friends and meet for lunch
Listen to relaxation music
Open up windows and let fresh air in
Make a list of all the things you need to do today
Write a letter
Take a day off from work
Visit an awe-inspiring monastery, church, temple or piece of architecture
Head down to the beach and walk in the shallow water
Go to a lake and skim rocks on the surface
Read a book you enjoyed as a child
Cook a lavish and complicated dinner
Go to your local botanic gardens where there are lots of colorful flowers
Tense all your muscles for ten seconds and then suddenly let go
Get a stress ball or hand grippers
Go to the zoo
Go to a museum
Get off the computer and relax your eyes
Go and see a comedy show
Go to bed early
Sleep in
Take some allotted time to do nothing at all


A scanned red tomato, along with leaves and fl...


Plant something and nurture it
Watch some comedy movies and relax on the couch with a blanket
Join a yoga class
Go to the library
Turn off the television/computer and do something low tech
Have a picnic
Take up painting or drawing and appreciate what ever you create
Throw a party or BBQ
Go out to a favorite restaurant for dinner
Study a topic you have a deep interest in but which doesn’t relate to work
Ride a bike
Use some bath salts and take a long bath in a candle lit bathroom
Talk about your problems with someone
Cut out the sugar in your diet (it causes stress)
Spend some more time with your pet (they’ll love you for it), adopt an animal if you don’t already have one
Throw out stuff around your house your really don’t need or use
Turn on some music and dance around your house
Have a warm glass of milk
Pick up a hobby you have neglected




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