Mudras: Yoga for the Hands!

Mudras are a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism.  They are kind of like yoga for the hands. Mudras are hand positions, or exercises, used to balance various energies in the body.

Via Sundari

In Ayurveda, there are five elements, and each corresponds with one of the fingers:

Thumb represents fire

Second finger represents air

Third finger represents space

Fourth finger, or ring finger, represents earth

Little finger represents water

Mudras can have positive effects on our physiology. And we can get some of the same benefits by working with our hands, playing an instrument, washing our hands, and massaging our hands. The next time you wash your hands, try consciously massaging them at the same time. Spend time on each finger, and then rub both palms together vigorously. While you’re sitting at your desk, use the thumb and index finger to gently massage the “web” between each of your fingers. Place one hand on your desk, and use the second, third, and fourth fingers of the other hand to gently massage between the long bones on the back of the hand.

English: Naruto Mudrā - "Monkey", Ve...

English: Naruto Mudrā – “Monkey”, Vectorized from a photograph.

Give your hands a treat,we abuse they them everyday!


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