Skin Care Technology Comes Home – Is It Worth The Money?

Via MedEsthetic

Home-use devices are hitting their stride with new FDA approvals and growing consumer awareness.

Home use skincare devices generated an estimated $1 billion worth of retail sales in 2011 with exponential growth expected for the next five years, according to the market research firm Kline and Co. (“At-home Skin Care Devices 2011: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities” The majority of these devices were developed to address the same concerns voiced daily in medical aesthetic practices, covering the spectrum from acne treatment to hair removal, hair restoration and antiaging.

One of the first home use devices to find a widespread consumer base is the Clarisonic (Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Developed by the same folks behind the Sonicare tooth-brush, the Clarisonic—now available in professional-only and consumer models, under the names Clarisonic PRO and Clarisonic Mia, respectively—uses a sonic frequency that allows for more than 300 movements per second. The vibration clears oil and dirt from the pores. “There is a lot of clinical evidence showing it does cleanse the skin better, and that it also aids in the absorption of topical products, such as skin serums,” says Jennifer Peterson, MD of Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in Houston.
While skin cleansing devices, such as the Clarisonic, claimed the biggest share of the market for home use devices in 2011, the fastest growing segment of the market belongs to blue light LED-based devices indicated for acneic skin. Among the most popular devices in this category are the TRIA Blue Light ( and the Tanda Clear+ (

My thoughts:

While the products do work they will not provide the same level of treatment that you would get at a Dermatologist or Estheticians office because they have the knowledge of the clinical procedure and products that will work best with a treatment and have access to more effective devices.

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