Face Contouring & Highlighting


Face Contouring & Highlighting

Contouring & Highlighting Diagram

Contouring and Highlighting will vary according to face shape, eyes, and features.  This article below offers a few of those techniques.

Via Know Wear

  1. Use primer after applying the usual moisturizer & SPF!  Priming your face will help keep makeup in-tact all day without the annoying & embarrassing smudges & smears.
  2. Concealer is incredibly useful when it comes to contouring when used for more areas than just under the eye.  Apply under the eyes, as usual, and also on the sides of your nose to make it appear thinner. Depending on your nose shape, you might want to try streaking the concealer straight down the top middle of your nose, instead of the sides. Making a “U” shape from under the eyes to down around the sides of your nose & back up is also suggested. Play with these three contouring suggestions to see what works best for your face.
  3. Next, use a light foundation.
  4. Matte contouring powder or cream (not shimmer!!!) apply to an angled brush or blend with fingers or sponge.  There are three great places to apply: Just below your cheekbones (fish-face it and swipe in the crease); in a half-moon shape right below your hairline on your forehead & at your jawline. Applying darker shades in these main places help keep your face looking slim & defined.
  5. Opposite to the contouring powder or cream, the next step requires a light hue and/or illuminator should be applied right under brows, just under the “fish-faced” bronzer & on your forehead.  I use a small brush for the brows & a slightly larger angled brush for below the contouring powder or cream & a huge brush for a quick one-swipe on my forehead.
  6. Finally, I finish up with my usual beauty routine of blush, eyebrow gel, mascara & a lipstick.

While the process seems daunting, it’s easy to figure out what works best for you with a few quick test-runs. You can streamline your contouring down to 3-5 minutes. Don’t feel like purchasing all the individual products I suggested? Try Smashbox’s Step-By-Step Contour Kit (Smashbox– $45.00). The trio palette provides a compact row of shades perfect for contouring.!



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