Is it possible to over-exfoliate my skin?



Exfoliating dead skin cells encouraging cell turnover is important for smooth, radiant, healthy skin. However, exfoliating too much or too aggressively can damage the epidermis, causing inflammation to the skin. Leading to breakouts, dry, or sensitized skin.  A good regimen would include one to two times a week for oily skin types and no more than once a week for sensitive.  Make sure to be gentle with your skin if you use a manual exfoliant (scrub, brush, microdermabrasion, or cloth).  Remember time rather than pressure when it comes to manual exfoliation.  Exfoliate for one to two minutes or follow the time on the specific manual exfoliants directions.  For chemical exfoliants (chemical peels or enzymes) only leave on for the time specified in the directions for the individual product.

Crystal Peel


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