Beauty Inspired by Game Of Thrones



I love Game of Thrones, and I think that it has the strongest female cast of any show on television right now. It also has some very beautiful stars, which inspired me to gather up some beauty tutorials that are reminiscent of these lovely characters.


Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms,  and is beautiful. She has golden hair, bright green eyes fair skin,  and a slender figure. She is confident, willful, and powerful.

Cersei Lannister makeup tutorial

This makeup tutorial will help you to get Cersei’s look. Don’t forget to add emphasis to your cheekbones!

This hairstyle is similar to how Cersei wears her hair. I love the simple princess-like elegance of this look.




Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen is the last confirmed member of the Targaryen Dynasty. She is petite and beautiful and has recently blossomed into a strong, confident young woman and an effective leader.


Intricate Braid Video Tutorial

I always notice that Daenerys wears these beautiful, intricate braids in her hair, and in one episode it’s mentioned that they symbolize honor in her society. This video tutorial will show you how to make braids that Daenerys herself would be proud to wear.


Perfect Lipline Tutorial

The second thing that Daenerys really has going for her is her lips. Follow this tutorial to get a perfect pout.


Dragon Scale Manicure

Daenerys is the only person in the world who can handle her baby dragons without getting burnt, so I thought that this dragon scale mani represented her perfectly.




Shae is a young woman who accompanies and comforts Tyrion Lannister. She’s small and slender, with dark eyes and hair, and has a mysterious aura about her.


Easy Rag Curls Tutorial

Shae always has luscious, full, bouncy curls whether she is is just waking up or laying down. Give your own hair some bounce with these easy rag curls. They don’t damage your hair like a curling iron, and they are comfortable to sleep in.


Subtle Smokey Eye Tutorial

Follow this tutorial for subtle smokey bedroom eyes that aren’t overdone.


Ros works as a prostitute near Winterfell, and then later at Little Finger’s brothel.  She hasn’t been in the shows much, but I included her anyway because she is famous for her beauty.


Half Updo Style Inspiration

This is an unusual version of a classic half updo hairstyle, and I like it because it’s carefree, casual, and effortlessly beautiful.


Natural, Soft Makeup Video Tutorial

Beckydazzler shows walks us through this tutorial for a soft, fresh, natural face. I love this look, and I think it’s strongly reminiscent of many of the ladies from Game of Thrones, but particularly the above picture of Ros. You can barely tell if she’s wearing makeup, but it perfectly accentuates her features.


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