Is the Hyper-Real (Sci-Fi)Tan Going to be the New Look for Spring 2013?


Android anatomy rules at Erdem at London Fashion Week’s Spring 2013 show. At Erdem, St.Tropez heralded a new era in skin perfecting: the Sci-Fi Tan.  St.Tropez Global Skin Finishing Expert Nichola Joss created the Sci-Fi Tan by combining subtle color with a perfect, “plasticy” finish.

Armed with an acrylic paintbrush, Nichola misted Instant Glow Wash Off Dark Spray over the body to provide an immediate color pay-off. Mixing the Tan Optimiser Body Butter with the Violet Skin Illuminator, she then used the brush to add fleeting accents of highlight. She finished the look with a flick on the shoulder blades and a thin line slicked down the forearms.


“This season, the Erdem girl is embracing alien-esque beauty. I wanted to give skin a ‘hyper real’, silicone-like quality that complements the neon colors of the collection and reflects light when glimpsed through the sheer panels of fabric,” said Nichola.


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