Rhinestone Eye Look!

Products to achieve this look:

Duo Clear Eyelash Glue

Flat Backed Rhinestones

Colored Eyeliner

Tweezers (optional)

Apply any cosmetics and allow them to set before gluing the rhinestones. Mark the rhinestone placement before application, using an eyeliner pencil.

After placement spots are marked, squeeze a small amount of glue onto the surface of the skin, covering the dots. Wipe any excess with a bit of tissue or q-tip.

Using a fingertip, pick up the jewel, backing side up. Place the stone in the glue and press it firmly down. Let the rhinestone set for a few seconds.

To remove the rhinestones, simply pull the stone from the skin’s surface. Remove dried glue with cleanser or makeup remover

If placement is too difficult with the fingertip, use tweezers to place the jewel on the face.

Stones can be reused.

Do not apply rhinestones to the eyebrows using eyelash glue. Removal of the stones will pull hair out.

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