The Newest “It” Beauty Ingredient: Pitaya or Dragon Fruit!

The pretty exotic pink prickly looking fruit sitting on some supermarket shelves. Is a mild tasting fruit whose inside looks like a white kiwi when peeled.  It turns out that pitaya is packed with antioxidants which help fight free radicals in our body, thus slowing down the aging process. Fans of the fruit claim that eating it helps keep the skin young, flexible and tight. It’s also got a lot of vitamin B and C—major skin boosting vitamins. A chemical company, IBR Ltd., has isolated compounds called dormins from dragon fruit. Dormins are natural extracts from plants and plant organs in their dormant stage that are able to slow down cell proliferation, maintain younger healthier skin and provide the means for better skin protection. The high level of polysaccharides in the product reportedly help tighten the skin.

What’s more, the pitaya is also a great diet food. That’s because it’s chock full of fiber and low in calories. Plus, it helps detoxify our digestive system and speeds the metabolism.


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