Traditional & Modern Inspired Geisha/Maiko Make Up Tutorials!

I find the world of Geisha’s mysterious, fascinating, and refined.  I thought I would share a little glimpse into that world today.  Enjoy!

Inspired or interpretations of Geisha/Maiko Make Up:



(For this look I would have done spirit gum over the brows and a white face base instead of powder.)


The Real Deal:

A Real Geisha Applying Make Up in 4 Parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Maiko or trainee Geisha Being Dressed

It is noted in the description and in the beginning of the video that this is unedited footage intended for use on TV in a reduced form. Those moving shots and face and feet were merely attempts to get potentially interesting shots for it’s final purpose. The face was bound to be concentrated on at some point as it is the most recognizable feature of a geisha for many.

Real Geisha Hair Tutorial

Did you know that Geisha’s have a bald spot on the middle of their head’s?? It come’s from all the hard pulling, twisting and that real bees wax. This hair style (if you’re going to it often in it’s original way) is actually torture to you’re hair and head.  Older women who used to geisha in the olden days it was considered a medal of honor. But in todays world (especially for this tutorial) you don’t have to pull that hard.

Maiko dance in a Kyoto hotel

Maiko/Geshia are artists. They sing, dance, tell stories, and serve drinks to the hosts. If you watch the vid (here on YouTube), “Maiko Being Dressed,” you will know how many layers of clothing these women have to put on, and they require assistance in their dressing






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