Disney Snow White Make Up and Hair Tutorial!


Via KandeeJ

I think it’s safe to say, that every girl would love to be a princess…fancy dresses, having a castle of your own…and of course the required prince charming! And all girls should know and remember, to never settle for any guy that doesn’t hold your heart like the most precious thing in the world…because you are a princess…and deserve your very own prince charming!

and this was one of my favorite videos ever:
SNOW WHITE!!! This Snow White Make-Up Tutorial is my favorite!

and also, here’s the Snow White Hair Tutorial! I couldn’t find a good wig for SNOW WHITE, so I just did the hair myself!

We are all princesses on the inside…now you can have fun dressing up as one on the outside!

I love Disneyland…and pretty much all old Disney movies…. Snow White is so delicate, gentle, and adorable….I loved..LOVED…LOVED doing this make-up look!Even the hair was fun to do!

I just wanted to go live in Disneyland or one of the enchanted lands~

I researched the art and painting of Disney…they mixed and created their own colors! The look of the original Snow White: And the Seven Dwarfs, was soft with, bright lips and grey-brown eyeshadow…I tried to replicate it exactly as the art from the movie.

I hope you guys like it..I think this was my favorite look and favorite video so far!

For the make-up…I used:
a very light foundation (any brand will do)
concealer wheel by LISE WATIER (i got mine at www.naimies.com)
a light powder (any brand. I used La Mer pressed powder)

For the EYES, I used,
a light shimmery yellow color….(Rice Paper from MAC)
a dark grey shadow …(PRINT from MAC)
a grey-brown…(COPPERPLATE from MAC)
a warm chocolatey brown (CORK from MAC)

A black liquid or cream liner (any brands)

RED lips!!! ( any bright blue-red lipstick)
I used a bright red lip liner (Cherry from MAC)
I used RUBY WOO from MAC
and any red gloss if you want some added dazzle!

FOR the hair, you just need: bobby pins, hair spray, a brush, and 2 curling irons – 1 small one and one larger…

I got my snow white costume at Spirit…click here for the link


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