People Magazine Have Named Channing Tatum As The Sexiest Man Alive!

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Sexiest Man Alive

The annual feature the “Sexiest Man Alive” is billed as a benchmark of male attractiveness and typically includes only famous people and celebrities. It is determined in a similar procedure to Time‘s Person of the Year. The origin of the title was a discussion on a planned story on Mel Gibson. A female editor exclaimed, “Oh my God, he is the sexiest man alive!” And someone else said, “You should use that as a cover line.”

Dates of magazine issues, winners, ages of winners at the time of selection, and pertinent comments are listed below.

As of 2012, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Patrick Swayze are the only winners to have died since winning. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was the only non-actor to win the award.

Year Choice Age Notes
1985-02-04 Mel Gibson   29 First person chosen and then an Australian citizen.
1986-01-27 Mark Harmon   34
1987-03-30 Harry Hamlin   35
1988-09-12 John F. Kennedy, Jr.   27 Longest gap between selections: 18 months. Only non-actor to win. First member to have since died (1999).
1989-12-16 Sean Connery   59 Oldest person to win the title. First winner to have portrayed James Bond. First Scottish winner.
1990-07-23 Tom Cruise   28
1991-07-22 Patrick Swayze   38 Second member to have since died (2009).
1992-03-16 Nick Nolte   51
1993-10-19 Richard Gere
Cindy Crawford
People took a one-year hiatus from Sexiest Man and instead awarded Sexiest Couple.
1995-01-30 Brad Pitt   31 First of two awards.
1996-07-29 Denzel Washington   41 First African American winner.
1997-11-17 George Clooney   36 First of two awards.
1998-11-16 Harrison Ford   56
1999-11-15 Richard Gere   50 First two-time winner.
2000-11-13 Brad Pitt   36 First two-time solo winner.
2001-11-26 Pierce Brosnan   48 Second winner to have portrayed James Bond. First Irish winner.
2002-12-02 Ben Affleck   30
2003-12-01 Johnny Depp   40 First of two awards.
2004-11-29 Jude Law   31 First English winner
2005-11-28 Matthew McConaughey   36
2006-11-27 George Clooney   45 Second win.
2007-11-26 Matt Damon   37
2008-11-25 Hugh Jackman   40 Second Australian winner.
2009-11-18 Johnny Depp   46 Second win.
2010-11-17 Ryan Reynolds   34 First Canadian winner.
2011-11-16 Bradley Cooper   36
2012-11-14 Channing Tatum   32

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