Enjoy a Seaweed Bath At Home!

You Will Need:

Seaweed (3-4 ounces of dried seaweed or 1-2 ounces fresh)

Stocking, Pantyhose, Large Tea Ball, Muslin Bag or Delicates Bags



Essential Oil (optional)

Fill the bag, stockings et cetera with seaweed, this is very important!  The bags are needed to keep the seaweed from going down your drain and contain any mess!  Boil water in a large pot, add the seaweed (I like to do this with fresh seaweed as well to release the gel), and steep for half an hour or so. Pour into the bath (seaweed in its bag and all). Fill the bath with hot water, add essential oil if you like. Making sure to remove the seaweed bag before you open the drain at the end of your bath.

You can freeze unused seaweed in an airtight bag in your freezer.

A slight gel or film from the seaweed will softly coat your body while you soak. Once it dissolves and you don’t feel it on your skin any more, you know your bath is done and you’ve absorbed the seaweed’s benefits.

Seaweed baths are considered very therapeutic because of their very high mineral content, as well as, iodine and vitamin K.

Caution: Those with high blood pressure or other health problems should consult their doctors before having a hot seaweed bath.  Don’t just pick seaweed from the ocean, you don’t know what the contaminants in the water may be.  Buy your seaweed from a reputable source, such as, Just Seaweed.com or Seaveg.com.

The Must-Have Seaweed Bath

The Must-Have Seaweed Bath (Photo credit: GuudGrf)


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