Fun Fact: Did You Know These 14 Cosmetics Are Really Drugs?

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As long time readers of this blog already know, cosmetics by definition can only affect the appearance of the body. If a product affects the physiology of the body then it’s a drug, not a cosmetic. So which cosmetics fall into the drug category?

OTC Monographs

In the US, these kinds of products are called “Over The Counter drugs.” The Food and Drug Administration issues Over The Counter (OTC) monographs that dictate which ingredients can be used in these products and what claims they can make. Our friends over at Chemists Corner recently published a list of cosmetics that have FDA monographs. We’re reprinting the list below. Check out their post for a full description and links to each monograph.

  1. Anti-acne products
  2. Toothpaste & anti-cavity products
  3. Topical anti-fungal
  4. Anti-microbial products
  5. Antiperspirant
  6. Astringents
  7. Corn & Callus removers
  8. Dandruff products
  9. Hair growth / hair loss
  10. Nailbiting products
  11. Psoriasis
  12. Skin bleaching
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Topical analgesic
  15. Wart remover

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