Did I oversell this eye makeup look on Taylor Swift. I don’t think so. I mean, it makes her look like a sexy mermaid, and “sexy mermaid” is basically what I strive for every day of my life.


I will give you that this particular smoky eye might be “girl pretty” vs. “guy pretty,” but who cares? It’s stunning! Just love that pop of blue on the bottom. It’s a little shot of color there that makes you want to keep staring.Now, the details are a little too fuzzy for me to work out exactly what’s going on here, but if I were going to try to recreate this, I’d line my eyes with teal eyeliner, surround it with peacock-y blue-gray shadow and then dust a greener turquoise shade around all that. Then I’d go back in with a golden liner in the inner corners.

Such a colorful, fun look! Any of you going to play around with something like this this weekend? I bet you’re at least considering it now…

Photos: Getty Images