DermDoctor Busted for Misleading Light Lotion Claims

There are many products out there where products claim to do things that science doesn’t back up.

Always do you homework when buying a new product!  Especially if it is expensive!  If the claim sounds to good to be true, such as a face lift in a jar, it probably is!!!!!

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A while back The Beauty Brains wrote about DermDoctor’s PhotoDynamic Therapy Lotion that supposedly mimics red light therapy. They were highly skeptical at the time and now it seems we’re not the only ones. A recent ruling by the NAD (National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau) has asked DermDoctor to revise their claims for this product.

Specifically, the NAD has a problem with claims that suggest the product offers the same benefits as professional light treatments. (Promoting the product as a “moisturizer” and broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen is fine.)

Here’s just one of the claims that DermDoctor must change:

 “With Photodynamic Therapy you get the same anti-aging red light treatment without the hassle of cumbersome light gadgets, costly doctor visits or post-procedure downtime.”

The company said that it would “work collaboratively with NAD in this matter” which presumably means they’ll stop trying to mislead consumers.

It’s nice to see someone get their hand slapped for promoting beauty science B.S.

Reference: HAPPI (Household and Personal Products Industry)

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