How Do Tough Guys Cleanse Their Skin? Von Miller Style!

Via InStyle

Denver Broncos Football Star Von Miller

Courtesy Photos (3); Neilson Barnard/Getty

This is something you don’t see every day—a football superstar getting a shave. Alas, that’s what we witnessed at the New York launch of Axe’s first men’s skin range, Axe FaceScore, where Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller showed off his love for grooming by getting a shave in front of dozens of beauty editors. “I didn’t think I needed skincare,” he told before sitting down with the razor. “During the season, I’m pretty much a Viking! Taking care of my face allowed me to show my individuality, and you need extra hydration in a dry environment like Denver.” The range includes a shave gel, face wash, and post-shave gel in three formulas to suit sensitive, oily, and tired-looking complexions, all priced from $5 to $9. And, of course, they all include “that Axe smell”—the one your little brothers, cousins, and teen kids know so well. “I think guys will automatically gravitate toward Axe Face since a lot of us have been using the body sprays for years,” said Miller. “Plus, it may increase chances with the ladies just a little bit.” Aw, every “Viking” has a softer side—it’s all about the girl, and we’re taking notice.



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