Hair Oils: Strengthening & Conditioning! But Which Ones?

Not all oils are created equal when it comes to your hair!

Certain oils like coconut, olive, avocado, & palm (straight-chain glycerides) easily penetrate into the hair cuticle to help make hair stronger, more flexible, waterproof, and better conditioned; reducing the loss of protein! Studies have shown that coconut oil can penetrate up to 90%, followed by olive oil at 25%.

olive oil

Other oils such as meadowfoam, sunflower, & jojoba (polyunsaturated fats) are larger in formation making it harder for them to penetrate the layers of the cuticles.  Meadowfoam penetrates a little; sunflower & jojoba not at all.


Journal of Cosmetic Science 52 volume 3, 169-184, 2001Textile Research Institute

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