Self Shiatsu Facial Massage Techniques!

Geisha were famous for their beautiful facial skin.The secret of their wrinkle free skin even in advanced age was the famous Shiastu Technique. Geisha did the SHIATSU Facial Massage daily, which helped them to always look young and attractive. The massage is done with light touches of your own fingertips. I do not think that Geisha were less busy than we are, but they always find time for it. It is much easier to spend five minutes every day to take care of yourself and try to keep your skin young and beautiful than to spend big money on creams, serums or plastic surgery.


Try the below tips to get Geisha like skin :

1. Find the point on the temples which gives you slight pain when you press on them. Use your fingertips to massage in circular motion from the nostrils to these
points around the temple. Repeat it three times.

2.Close your eyes and press lightly with your fingertips for three seconds on the inner corner of the eye. Repeat this movement three times.It will make your eyes

3.Your neck can give away your age and hence require constant care.Use flip side of your palm to massage the neck from the middle of its side towards up.

4.Press the middle and index finger of both hands. Start your massage from the middle of your forehead and move towards your temples.This will make your forehead skin
very smooth.

5.Massage the corners of your mouth for one minute.Start below the middle of lower lip and slowly move towards the outer corner of the lips.This will keep your lips
wrinkle free.

6.Apply a suitable cream on fingertips of both the hands.Now massage your cheeks in the circular motion with your finger tips.It will keep your skin fresh and will
radiate energy.

Now look for below points on your face,forehead and neck :

  • ST6 bone pit below the jaw joint .
  • ST3 Located on the zygomatic bones on either side of the nose
  • ST9 recesses on the sides of the larynx
  • BL1 inner corner of the eye
  • BL2 indentation on the top edge of the orbital cavity
  • LI20 on the outside of the nose wings

All these points are paired. To look for them trust your instincts!Stand in front of a mirror and simulate all the points one by one.

Note : Avoid ST9 if you have a disease of the thyroid gland.

Via Bye Bye Doc

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