Your Holistic First Aid Kit

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Natural ingredients work to boost your body’s ability to heal itself and are widely available. Here are holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos’s top picks for holistic remedies that are safe for children and adults alike, so there’s no need to pack two kinds of medicine for every ailment. Also, natural remedies have virtually no side effects, which Torkos says can sometimes be worse than the actual problem. Best part: Most of the below remedies are under $10!

Tea tree oil

This is Torkos’s go-to remedy because it’s multipurpose — it’s great for managing skin irritations and rashes and preventing insect bites. Torkos says it works just as well as the chemical bug spray “Off!”

Ginger tablets

Whether it’s in the car or via flight, these tablets may be the trick to settle motion sickness, nausea and queasiness.

Nasal wash

Travel-sized neti pots are great for congestion due to allergies or colds. You can also try a nasal spray with essential oils (Torkos recommends Alkalol). Unlike Benadryl, you won’t end up feeling drowsy.


These help upset stomachs that are accompanied by constipation or diarrhea. These friendly bacteria are especially helpful if you’re traveling to foreign countries or areas where you may be exposed to new or foreign foods. Take them before and during your trip to help prevent symptoms all together.

Aloe vera

Aloe is great for treating most skin conditions from sunburn, scrapes, minor burns and even dandruff. Chemical-free sunscreen It’s better to prevent sunburn than treat it. Torkos recommends using natural sunscreens that contain minerals (instead of chemicals), such as zinc oxide, which forms a physical barrier against the sun’s rays. It also lasts pretty long and is relatively water resistant.

Arnica gel

This is used for minor bruises and muscle strains and comes in the form of tablets and creams. It promotes healing (and speeds it up), while reducing pain and inflammation.

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