Beautiful & Inspiring Poem About Tea!


  1. i’d like to think of this poem to inspire me when i take a sip of water on my first 21k run. Its not tea though, but the poem’s words are exactly what i think i need to survive the run ) thank you for sharing 🙂


    • Your welcome! Good luck on your run! I’m an avid tea drinker and the poem spoke to me as well!

      I know for the average person who is doing non-strenuous activities you should drink:
      your body weight divided by 2 divided by 8 = the amount of 8 oz of water for daily intake

      If that helps at all!

      Just be careful there is such a thing as over hydrating!

      Also, your body will absorb the water quicker if it is room temperature. If it is hot or cold your body has to take time and expend energy to either cool or warm up the water to be absorbed.


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