Hibiscus, the Natural Botox Plant!

Okay so don’t expect to get the same look from Hibiscus as Botox (that’s just not realistic), but it does have great firming abilities!


Hibiscus has long been a flavoring ingredient, fragrance, and ornamental plant. The flowers are used to make a popular drink in Egypt called “karkade,” while other parts of the plant are used to make jams, spices, soups, and sauces. The flowers also have powerful, exciting benefits to the skin, including the ability to firm and lift, giving hibiscus the nickname, the “Botox plant.”

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, with several hundred species native to warm, tropical regions. Also called “rosemallow,” hibiscus can be grown indoors or out. Flowers are large and trumpet shaped, with five or more petals. Colors include white, pink, red, orange, purple, or yellow. The extract is most often taken from the red flowers, also known as “roselle.”



Many cultures enjoy hibiscus tea, made from the flowers and served both hot and cold. In addition to Egypt, West Africa, Mexico, India, and Brazil enjoy the tangy flavor of hibiscus tea, which is also a favorite in Caribbean islands.

Hibiscus also has antioxidants similar to those found in bilberry, cranberry, and red wine, more research is needed however.  Already the extract has shown some potential in reducing bad cholesterol.

Hibiscus has a reputation in skin care because it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs).  AHAs are known to help exfoliate skin, speed up cell turnover, and help control acne breakouts, all of which can encourage fresher and smoother skin. They also increase moisture and improve flexibility and elasticity—the reason why hibiscus called the Botox plant. It also contains antioxidants, which are called “anthocyanocides.” 

These not only protect the skin from free radical damage, but have astringent properties. They have an anti-inflammatory effect as well, which soothes irritated skin. The plant has a high mucilage content, which makes it a great skin moisturizer.

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