Mie-nai osharé – Unseen or Hidden Beauty!

This is a Japanese concept:

Mie-nai osharé

It roughly translates to “unseen or hidden beauty.”
Its ever-present in daily life. The idea is that beauty does not have to be displayed to be appreciated. It is also in ‘the act of.’

For example, when a Japanese lady dresses up she will carefully pick not only the right outerwear, but also what she wears below it – not for public display, but just for herself. She is not out to put up a show. She simply cares for herself and her femininity, for her own sake.

This is the “unseen or hidden beauty.” Natural poise and self confidence follows. True beauty radiates, exhibited or not. She is feminine inside and out, and radiates with the beauty and assured dignity which comes from not being fake.

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