Dryer Sheets Made Specifically for Your Hair – Add Shine and Defrizz With Convenience!

Dryer sheets are a beauty secret to defrizz hair, as I’m sure you know there are so many uses for dryer sheets that don’t involve the laundry.
Hairstylists’ have used dyer sheets for years to combating static and frizz. Now Kerastase one of my favorite hair care lines has come out with Carré Lissant Hairstyle Touchup Sheets! The hair care equivalent of dryer sheets and I’m in love with them!
They are specifically designed to smooth, add shine, tame flyaways, and protect your hair from static and humidity. Frizz and static is the bane of many peoples existence especially in the winter. They ($28 for a box of 50) look and feel nearly identical to the ones you toss in the dryer, but they are coated with a water-free pomade and are palm-sized. They are great to put in your purse or in your desk for quick touch-ups to your coif. A plus they smell great but not overwhelming of grapefruit, roses, pear, lychee, patchouli, amber and white musk.
They are easy to use just rub onto your hair. Right now it is a limited-edition item, so buy them while you can!
Available for at purchase Select Salons or online.

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