Other Uses For Spray Cooking Oil Than In The Kitchen!

Now a days there are so many more choices for cooking sprays than just Pam.


There are organic coconut, olive oil, canola, grapeseed, and sunflower cooking sprays.



You can make your own with Misto.


With Misto you can add essential oils and blend more than one type of oil.

Tea tree for breakouts

Lavender for relaxation

Add vitamin E or D

Spray oils are great for your body and hair:

~ As a dry oil spray for your body; it’s quick, easy and you can apply immediately after a bath or shower to lock in moisture. Get hard to reach places like your back.

~ Dry nail polish quicker.

~ Spray directly into your hair or a little in your hands as a light hair oil to smooth, defrizz, and condition.

~ Spray on your legs or collar bone for a sexy shine.


~ Remove oil based paint, primer, and grease.

~ Remove crayon from walls than has a gloss finish not matte paint walls.

Be careful when you spray not to make your floor slippery. I don’t recommend for use on your face.

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