Take Care of Your Feet and Toes – What to Look for at a Nail Salon!

10% of all skin condition problems are fingernail & toenail related!

Don’t neglect your feet or hands!

§ Make sure that your shoes are dry inside. A moist and dark environment can lead to many foot related conditions. Avoid using powders on your feet that contain starch it can encourage fungus growth.
§ Be careful if you are diabetic, have circulation problems, et cetera.
§ Go to nail salons that dispose of non-reusable items. Metal implements should be opened from a sterilized bag if it isn’t ask for one opened in front of you.
§ Look for a dry heat or autoclave sterilizer. If they only use an UV sterilizer it isn’t enough to properly sterilize metal implements.
§ High level hospital grade disinfectant spray that can kill Tuberculosis should be used on all hard surfaces or non porous surfaces. No regular over the counter cleaners!!!
§ The foot tubs, chairs, work stations, bowls, et cetera should be cleaned after every client with the high grade disinfectant.
§ Ideally look for a nail salon that has disposable foot tub liners.
§ Your cuticles should not be cut! This can lead to infection!!!
§ After metal instruments are used they should be placed into a jar of disinfectant.
Look out for double dipping with a wooden stick or hand on your skin and putting back into a jar.
I like to go to a new nail place right before closing time so I can see how they clean.
Dry heat & autoclave sterilizer

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