How to Monsoon Proof Your Hair!


It is very important to wash your scalp properly and frequently as due to high humidity levels, we sweat more during monsoon season. This will not just help in cleaning the scalp and keeping it dust and debris free, but will also avoid further damage to the hair.

The humidity level is very high so your hair is bound to frizz. To reduce the frizz, try using your finger pads while washing your hair and do not be very rigorous in washing.

Make sure your hair is completely soaking wet before applying your shampoo. Try to use water which is at a medium temperature.

When it comes to conditioning, don’t use too much conditioner and only condition the lengths and ends of hair. You can use a comb to spread the conditioner and end with a cold water rinse. This helps in lending a shine to your hair. But make sure not to apply conditioner on your scalp but only on the strands of hair. This provides a shine to your hair and prevents them from breakage.

Another important point is to choose a conditioner for your hair type it should say on the container.

The best way is to let your hair dry naturally. If  you are using a hairdryer, don’t over dry as this will cause potential frizzing and heat damage.

Avoid perming or straightening as they may harm your hair adversely and make matters worse.

Try not to use round and flat hair brushes and instead use a wide-toothed comb in the monsoon season to allow less breakage and damage to hair.

Also, try not to tie your hair too tightly as this may lead to hair breakage.

Keep your hair protected by being armed with an umbrella.

Drink ample amounts of water as this will help your hair stay healthy.

Be gentle to your hair an oil massage to your scalp don’t be too vigorous.

During the monsoon dandruff tends to increase. Use an effective anti-dandruff shampoo to combat this problem.

A little grease or oil is normal for your hair, in fact it keeps it healthy but too much oil can make your hair look very dirty and greasy. In the monsoon, hair tends to get very oily due to the high humidity. One must wash the hair a little more often so your scalp is kept clean.



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