Régime des Fleur Freeworld Parfum!


An American Oriental

With absolute and essential oil of geranium, citruses, neroli, nutmeg, coriander, sandalwood, vanilla, and aldehydes.

The nutmeg and vanilla standout to me the most. The scent starts out with a sharpness that slowly morphs into a soft slightly sweet, spicy, and citrus enveloping the skin.


If the smell of cola could be exotic and sexy this would be it!

An earthy spicy floral fragrance.

It has a fairly long sillage (the trail of scent left behind by a perfume. Fragrances with minimal sillage are often said to “stay close to the skin”.)

Luxury niche Parfum that is what Régime des Fleur an newly established independent fragrance label that creates its high-end scents in a family garage is bringing an intensely lyrical make it yourself sensibility to the perfume counter.

The creative self taught noses behind the new perfume line Régime des Fleurs known as “lifetime fragrance geeks.”

The Noses:

Ezra Woods, 30, a former fashion stylist was born into a family of florists. Chloë Sevigny and Michelle Williams are some clients.

Alia Raza, 36, formerly a filmmaker and video artist.


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