Make Up Tips To Keep You From Looking Older!

Avoid using powdered makeup anywhere you have wrinkles it settles into the lines emphasizing them.

A hair oil or shine serum used with a very light hand makes your hair seem more youthful.

Drawing eyeliner so that it creates a slight wing up and out past the end of the lid aka cat eyeliner. Make sure to soften it by getting the liner between your lashes and stippling instead of drawing a heavy line, you’ll achieve a subtler more natural effect.


Don’t wear a nude lip when you want to look younger try a rose or berry shade instead to make your lips look softer.

Avoid making a sharp demarcation line from a lip pencil.

Square tips with rounded edges also called squoval make your hands look more youthful. Avoid square, coffin, ballerina, stiletto, almond, mountain peak, or talon nail shapes. Rounder nails soften the appearance of your hand.


Fill in your eyebrows using a brow gel, mousse, or powder. Make sure not to use pencil the friction from using the pencil can damage the hairs.

Apply a lighter shade, a touch of gloss, or highlighter to the center only of your bottom lip after applying your lip color. Slight blend into the bottom lip so it is subtle.



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