Choosing Make Up Brushes!

Why spend good money on a make up brush instead the cheaper brush?

Here’s Why:

  • A flexible and soft brush will deliver a sheer finish and more diffused result.
  • A coarser brush will deliver a heavier result.
  • A denser brush will deliver a stronger coloring and more coverage.
  • A round brush will create a softer and diffused result.
  • A flatter brush will be more adapted to deliver a glossy finish.
  • An angled brush will be good for creating a more defined blush or contour application.
  • A pointier brush will allow more precision or gradation depending on the density.


Choosing the bristles:



The bristles are man made of either nylon (PBT), taklon (PET), or polyester bristles. The bristles tend to come together better for a more even finish. They can be tapered, tipped, flagged, abraded or etched to increase color carrying ability. They are typically dyed and baked to make them softer and more absorbent. They are less prone to damage from makeup and cleaning solvents so they are easier to clean and don’t trap or absorb pigment, They are however usually dyed a color which will wash out when cleaned and can make a mess. They don’t hold powders very well. Best for application of creams or liquids and lipstick/liner due to the fact that they don’t have a cuticle. If using with powder the application will be very light compared to natural bristles.


The bristles are extremely durable.  They move freely, allowing you to not only pick up enough product in one swipe, but also to blend it out better than synthetic. Natural bristle tend to be more expensive and more difficult to clean.

They come in a wide range of quality within its type.

If it comes from first-cut hair it will be cruelty-free since it’s sheared from the tips of the fur and will be soft and pointed.  If the hair comes from blunt-cut, the point will be flatter and the hair will be much coarser.



Stiff enough to define and shape, thin enough to fill in sparse brows. The coarseness is great for firm brow feathering creating a more natural eyebrow look.

The term “camel” describes makeup brushes made with a mix of goat, squirrel, or pony hair.

The softest goat hair is, known as capra. It provides a medium to full application for both the face and body.

Often used blended with other natural hairs to deliver more elasticity and enduring, it has the ability to adapt to your skin the more you use it. Use for blush or eyeshadow.

Called Kolinsky/Sable (is really Mink):
Has the highest permeability of the natural bristles used for the application to create intense color. It is generally considered to be the best bristle for layering of color.

Similar to sable but does not have a fine tip. See Kolinsky.

It is primarily used for blush or eye brushes and are ideal for contouring. Dampen the brush to provide opaque coverage or use dry to create a light wash of color or a soft, foiled effect The bristles have enough range to create dramatic  or a soft, smoky eye. They are often blended with other hairs.

Has a very pointed at the tip, to be used with sticky pigments.

Sable (reddish in tone):
Has a reddish-brown color, pointed tips and are shiny; any other color is not red sable! Very expensive!!! See Kolinsky for uses.

Squirrel :
The softest, gray or blue squirrel (Talayoutky), provides a soft, natural wash of color. Brown squirrel (Kazan) is more readily available, and is used mainly for medium quality makeup brushes. It works best for contouring and blending shadows because of the compact head the crease of the eye.






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