Eye Irritation (Contact Dermatitis) Can Come From Many Substances Even Nail Polish or Rings!

Are your eyes?





See your Doctor!!!

If you had any of these symptoms around your nails you would immediately think your nail polish, hand lotion, or ring is the culprit, but your eyes???

Our eyes are no, surprise, very sensitive!!!

The skin of the eyelids is quite thin (0.55 mm) compared to other sites on the face (2.0 mm); this suggests the eyelids would be more susceptible to damage and irritation.

Nail polish, glue, newspaper/magazine ink, environmental debris, rings (gold/nickle), latex gloves, cleaning solutions, clothing dye (leather/denim), citrus fruit, poison (ivy, sumac, or oak), cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), benzalkonium chloride, cosmetics, eyelash curlers, and hair/skincare products are just a few things that can cause irritation to your eye.

Irritants can be broken down into five major categories:

  1. Scalp-applied allergens
  2. Aeroallergen
  3. Directly contacted allergens
  4. Ectopic allergens (source of allergy trigger located away from the site of irritation)
  5. Inadvertent allergens

Contact Dermatitis:

Is a type of skin inflammation (dermatitis) in which people develop an immune response to a substance (allergans or irritants) that comes in contact with the skin.  The condition is usually manifested as a rash on the skin.

Periocular dermatitis refers to the eye area.

The key word is contact!

When exposure to the substance causing the inflammation is stopped the inflammation resolves itself.

You may have to be a detective to figure out what that substance is….


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