Preventing Make Up Melt Down!

  • The heavier the moisturizer the easier make up can slip off, try a lighter formulated moisturizer during the summer.
  • Look for long wearing foundations and don’t forget to use primer!
  • Let your moisturizer set for 2 to 3 minutes to fully absorb, then apply the primer and allow it to set for at least a minute, and then apply your foundation.
  • A common mistake is applying your make up in a rush!
  • Use long wearing powder or cream blush and eyeshadow.
  • Avoid moisturizer on you upper eyelid or blot your lid a few times before applying primer. Oil can settle in the fold of the lid.
  • If using gel or liquid liner, use a powder shadow in the same shade over the liner to set it.
  • Use mascara that is either waterproof, tube mascara (ex. Blinc), or set with a water resistant top coat (ex. Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara).

  • Line your lips, then apply your balm, lipstick, or gloss.
  • Try a lip stain or long wearing lip color.
  • Prevent feathering around your mouth by applying concealer or clear lip liner around the edge of your lips.

  • Set with very fine loose face powder (ex. Make Up Forever HD) then set your entire face with make up setting spray (ex. Urban Decay All Nighter).

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