Strange Things That I Like…. Musings

  • The sounds of crickets
  • The smell of gasoline
  • Wiggling me feet in my sheets
  • Windy days
  • Talking in puns
  • Peeling oranges (especially in one piece and making the essential oil burst from it)   
  • Smashing marshmallows between my fingers to make taffy
  • The smell of lightening in the air
  • Biting into a Wintergreen lifesaver to make it spark   
  • Corny jokes
  • Walking on leaves that make a crunching noise
  • Novelty mugs &  t-shirts with funny quotes
  • McDonalds sweet and sour sauce
  • Drawing on foggy or frozen windows or mirrors
  • Wiping the last bit of food out of a container with my fingers to eat
  • Balling up a paper bag

What strange things do you like?

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