Favorite Products of the Month!

Illuminage Copper Pillow Case And Eye Mask with Copper Eye Mask helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and minimize the visible signs of aging—including fine lines, wrinkles, and lack of smoothness.

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask


 Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Flesh Tone’ Lip Pencil
In Medium

D.A.D. Or Defense Alert Device

1907 Copper Thermal Round Brush

Jane Iredale Just kissed Lip and Cheek

Stain in Forever Red

Life Line Recovery Night 

Moisture Serum 


Aminogenesis Paranormal-EXF

Anti Aging Super Serum

Golf Tees One of My Favorite Hair Accessories!

I love golf tees for keeping my hair in place when I put it into a bun or some kind of twist. They are cheap, light weight, and come in lots of fun colors and lengths.




Favorite Products of the Month!

PAI Shau Biphasic Infusion

Rejuvenating Concentrate for Hair

Milani Baked Powder Blush – Luminoso (05)

Living Proof
Restore Instant Repair Lotion (Prevent/Mend Split ends)

Urban Decay Cosmetics Matte Revolution

Lipstick in Stark Naked

H2O Plus Eye Oasis Instant Hydrating Stick

Hair Bungee

Nars Velvet Shadow Stick

in Sukhothai – shimmering peacock

Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips

Deborah  Lippmann Nail Polish – LIKE DREAMERS DO
pale bisque

Cock Grease No X Pomade (for a wet hair look)

Accord Oud Eau de Parfum by BYREDO

Christophe Robin – Cleansing Purifying Scrub

with Sea Salt for the Scalp

Proof That Going Gray or White Can Still Look Great!

Jamie Lee Curtis

  Jane Fonda


Idris Elba

Meryl Streep


Anderson Cooper  

Nichelle Nicols



 Helen Mirren

Barrack Obama

 Ellen Burstyn

  George Clooney

  Ruby Dee

  Shirley Jones

  Roseanne Barr 


Alice Walker


Emmylou Harris

Morgan Freeman 
Stacy London

Matt LeBlanc

Glenn Close

Toni Morrison 

John Slattery

Make Up Tips To Keep You From Looking Older!

Avoid using powdered makeup anywhere you have wrinkles it settles into the lines emphasizing them.

A hair oil or shine serum used with a very light hand makes your hair seem more youthful.

Drawing eyeliner so that it creates a slight wing up and out past the end of the lid aka cat eyeliner. Make sure to soften it by getting the liner between your lashes and stippling instead of drawing a heavy line, you’ll achieve a subtler more natural effect.


Don’t wear a nude lip when you want to look younger try a rose or berry shade instead to make your lips look softer.

Avoid making a sharp demarcation line from a lip pencil.

Square tips with rounded edges also called squoval make your hands look more youthful. Avoid square, coffin, ballerina, stiletto, almond, mountain peak, or talon nail shapes. Rounder nails soften the appearance of your hand.


Fill in your eyebrows using a brow gel, mousse, or powder. Make sure not to use pencil the friction from using the pencil can damage the hairs.

Apply a lighter shade, a touch of gloss, or highlighter to the center only of your bottom lip after applying your lip color. Slight blend into the bottom lip so it is subtle.


DIY – Contouring, Blush Placement, Braiding, & Lash Application!






The Secret for Making Your Blowout Last Longer or Going Between Shampoos Longer!

On day
After a Blowout or shampoo:

Very lightly spray texturizing spray from the roots to the tips of your hair
Lifting up the roots in 2 inch sections and spraying from 10-12 inches away
After using the texturizing spray flip your hair upside down blast the roots of your hair with a blow dryer

On day
Very lightly spray at the roots of your hair with a dry shampoo, such as Klorane.
Lifting up the roots in 2 inch sections and spraying from 10-12 inches away.
Use your fingers to lightly blend in any whiteness into your hair.
Finger comb or use a brush with tourmaline bristles to prevent static and to spread the shampoo down the shaft of the hair slightly. You can also do this with the blow dyer on low heat.

Spray dry conditioner verrrry lightly, such as Serge Normant or Kenra, from the mid-shaft/halfway down the hair to the tips avoiding the roots spraying from 10-12 inches away. Or spray onto your palms.
Finger comb mid-shaft to tips.




Titian Beauty: Goddess’ With The Hair!

Titian is a tint of red hair, most commonly described as brownish-orange in color. More so, Titian hair is specifically a bright color, with a tint of golden-brown. It ranges in shades from medium to dark. Like most red hair, it is commonly associated with light features.

The term originates from Titian, an Italian painter who would often depict women with red hair of this description. Titian was was born in 1488/90 A.D. in Pieve di Cadore, and he died in Venice in 1576 A.D. His real name was Tiziano Vermillion, he was a student of, Giovanni Bellini, the leading painter in Venice. His artistic expertise as a great Venetian painter is evident in the fact that from 1515 A.D. onward, he worked for influential families, such as, the d’Este, Gonzaga, Furnace, and Rovere dynasties. He also worked for King Francois I of France. Titian received the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1533 A.D. while working as a court painter to Emperor Charles V. Titian went to Rome in 1545 A.D. to work for Pope Paul III. Later in his life, he worked for Philip II.

Titian has been used as a hair color term in America as early as the 1800s, with women commonly using henna to dye their hair Titian. From 1961 until 1966, all red-haired Barbie dolls were officially labelled “Titian”, with Midge being the staple for the variant. Midge’s packaging illustration featured this hair color, while the Barbie character was typically depicted with blonde hair during this period.

Titian is commonly misused synonymously for other hair colors with similar definitions or hues of color. Titian hair is mistaken with Venetian hair (strawberry blond, Venetian blond or honey blond) frequently due to similar definitions and origins.

Titian hair is also commonly mistaken for auburn hair. While Titian hair is a brownish shade of red hair, auburn hair is a brownish shade of hair encompassing the actual color red. Most definitions of Titian hair describe it as a brownish-orange color, but some describe it as being reddish. This is in reference to red hair itself, not the color red.










My Favorite Beauty Products for March!

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm, Minty Sheer

MAC Cosmetics Cremesheen Glass in Jet Boy

JinSoon Nail Jacquer in Epidote

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Wallis

OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in Here Today…Argon Tomorrow

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in GR711 Serpent

Urban Decay Hair Chalk Rainbow Set

Snazaroo St. Patrick’s Day Face Painting Stencil Kit

My Hair Crush of the Moment!

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