7 Halloween Makeup Tricks Using Common Household Items!

The Brilliant Jeremy Woodhead – Hairstyle And Makeup Designer To The Movies!

An award winning artist; Jeremy Woodhead continously proves why art belongs in the title makeup artist.

You only need to watch the movie “Cloud Atlas,” it consists of six interrelated and interwoven stories spanning different time periods.






First Pictures of Mila Kunis as The Wicked Witch of the West!

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Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way!” Make Up Tutorial!

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)

In 2008, Jessica Rabbit was selected by Empire Magazine as one of The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time. In March, 2009, a UK newspaper voted Jessica Rabbit the sexiest cartoon character of all time, with Betty Boop in second place and the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny in third.

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit (Photo credit: auntie rain)

Jessica Rabbit is Roger’s human Toon wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Jessica is one of the most famous sex symbols on the animated screen. Inspirations are from Hollywood “screen goddesses” Veronica Lake, noted for her famous “Peek-A-Boo” hairstyle, Lauren Bacall, and Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946). She claims to Eddie Valiant, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” which has become a popular quote. Writer Gary K. Wolf had based Jessica primarily on the cartoon character Red of Tex Avery‘s Red Hot Riding Hood.

Pin-up photo of Lauren Bacall for the November...

Pin-up photo of Lauren Bacall for the November 24/26, 1944 issue of Yank, the Army Weekly, a weekly U.S. Army magazine fully staffed by enlisted men. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Screenshot of Rita Hayworth as Gilda ...

English: Screenshot of Rita Hayworth as Gilda in the trailer for the film Gilda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake (Photo credit: twm1340)

In the book, she was an immoral, up-and-coming star and former comic character over whom her estranged husband (comic strip star Roger Rabbit) became obsessed. She is re-imagined in the film as a sultry, but moral, cartoon singer at a Los Angeles supper club called The Ink and Paint Club. She is one of several suspects in the framing of her husband, who is a famous cartoon star. She is voiced by Kathleen Turner. Amy Irving was cast to sing “Why Don’t You Do Right?” (a blues song made famous by Peggy Lee) for Jessica’s first scene in the movie. According to animation director Richard Williams, other than being a really hot female human toon temptress, she deeply loves her husband Roger. She even calls him her honey-bunny and darling. She claims that he makes her laugh, is a better lover than a fighter and that he makes a more fitting husband than Goofy. As proof of her love she tells Eddie that she’ll pay any price for Roger and she even helps prove him innoccent by helping in the investigation.

Even though she’s a human toon, she is shown to have a few of the comedic cartoon antics typical of other toons. One such example was her cleavage having a hammerspace ability as one of the weasels searched her (with obvious perverted intent) for Marvin Acme’s last will and testament, only to comically get his hand caught in a bear trap and Valiant commenting on the event with a pun (“Nice booby trap”).

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)

Another could be her restrained “wild take” (as she shouts, “Oh, my God, It’s DIP!”) seeing Judge Doom’s scheme involving the Dip, while a subtle effect was added by animator Russell Hall: The bounce of Jessica’s bosom was reversed from that of a real woman so that it would bounce up when a real woman’s breasts bounce down and vice versa. Furthermore when she blows kisses (as seen to Eddie in one scene) the lip-kisses are also done in a cartoonish style.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Betty Boop – An Ageless Beauty & Sex Symbol!


Betty Boop & Daria Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

English: This is a Image of which i own

English: Betty Boop character design, figure 1...

English: Betty Boop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick.  Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9, 1930, she became one of the most well-known and popular cartoon characters in the world. Although Clara Bow is often given as being the model for Boop, she actually began as a caricature of singer Helen Kane.

As a sex symbol

Betty Boop is regarded as one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen; she is a symbol of the Depression era, and a reminder of the more carefree days of Jazz Age flappers. Her popularity was drawn largely from adult audiences.  Betty Boop was unique among female cartoon characters because she represented a sexualized woman. Other female cartoon characters of the same period, such as Minnie Mouse, displayed their underwear or bloomers regularly, in the style of childish or comical characters, not a fully defined woman’s form. Many other female cartoons were merely clones of their male co-stars, with alterations in costume, the addition of eyelashes, and a female voice. Betty Boop wore short dresses, high heels, a garter, and her breasts were highlighted with a low, contoured bodice that showed cleavage. In her cartoons, male characters frequently try to sneak peeks at her while she’s changing or simply going about her business.  While the character was kept pure and girl-like onscreen, compromises to her virtue were a challenge.  Marketers rediscovered Betty Boop in the 1980s, and “Betty Boop” merchandise has far outdistanced her exposure in films, with many not aware of her as a cinematic creation. Much of this current merchandise features the character in her popular, sexier form, and has become popular worldwide once again. In 2010, Betty Boop became the official fantasy cheerleader for the upstart United Football League. She will also be featured in merchandise targeted towards the league’s female demographic.



How to Recreate Vampire Bella’s Make Up Look From “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”

Apply a matte primer followed by a rose ivory foundation.

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Skin

MAC Cosmetic Match Master SPF 15 Foundation in 1

Apply the foundation lightly in small amounts with a foundation brush,  since the foundation is sooo light as required for a vampire look.

Using MAC Eye Shadow in Charcoal Brown, shade your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.

MAC Cosmetics in Charcoal Brown

Create Bella’s eyes :

A cranberry smoky eye:

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadows in:

Shroom (highlight brow bone),  Club (lid), and Cranberry (crease) is the key for the eyes along with false lashes, I like Shu Uermura.  Apply Club and Cranberry with a very light hand and blend well.  Line the inner rim of the lower eye with Sephora Collection Lasting and Perfecting Corrector.  Line the lower outer rim of lower eye with Club.  The eye should look defined yet soft.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Shroom

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Club

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Cranberry


Sephora Collection Lasting and Perfecting Corrector in Light 01

Next contour your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and forehead with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder and apply with a blush brush MAC Desert Rose Blush  lightly to

the apples of the cheeks blending outwards towards the temples.  See CT Esthetic’s article Face

Contouring & Highlighting on contour placement, except for the eye I’m avoiding highlighting

since the foundation is sooo light.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa

MAC Cosmetics Blush in Desert Rose

Bella’s lips:

Bella’s lips were quite defined but with very little color to them.

Soften lips with lip balm and blot, then use MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil 

and Retro lipstick ; define your lips with the liner and finish by patting the lipstick on to

make it look natural.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Retro

Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West Make Up Tutorial!

An unlikely friendship develops between Galind...

An unlikely friendship develops between Galinda (left) and Elphaba (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“As someone told me lately — everyone deserves the chance to fly!”

Elphaba is increasingly ostracized as the stor...

Elphaba is increasingly ostracized as the story develops, holding views opposed to the norm of her society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elphaba is a phenomenal and lovable character from the novel then Broadway musical: Wicked. Contrary to her regularly recognized persona as the evil ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ this untold tale goes behind The Wizard of Oz to reveal a heartbreaking story about the witches of Oz.

As you can see, the makeup seen here is not the exact version you will see on Broadway. I decided to create a more playful version by adding more glimmer and color. I chose red lips over green because I love the promotional poster of Wicked where Elphaba is seen with red lips and a small smile, her hat covering her eyes.

Cover of "Wicked: The Life and Times of t...

Cover via Amazon

* OLAY Complete Moisturizer
* Kryolan Aquacolor in 511 (Light Green)
* Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder
* MAKEUP FOREVER 12 Color Flash Palette

* The Face Shop (Midnight Black Shimmering Eyeshadow) BK903
* MAC Liquid Liner in “Greenplay”
* Sugarpill Loose Glitter in “Junebug”
* Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in ONYX
* the Falsies mascara in “Very Black” by Maybelline
* Black Liquid Liner by ULTA
* Coastal Scents 42 Color Double Stack Eyeshadow Palette
* Benefit RSVP Cream (used to highlite)

* MAC “Burgundy” Lip Liner
* Revlon Lipstick in 477 “Black Cherry”
* Sephora Lipgloss (Shimmery Dark Red)

* Foundation Brush (CVS)
* Cosmetic Wedge (CVS)
* Concealer Brush (CVS)
* Stipple Brush (e.l.f.)
* Definer Brush (Smashbox) – red handle
* Tapered Shadow Brush (Smashbox) – red handle
* Small Angled Brush (e.l.f.)
* Eyelash Curler (Kirkland)
* Angled Bronzing Brush (e.l.f.)
* Rounded Crease Brush (Sephora)
* Lip Brush (craft store)

* No One Mourns The Wicked (Prelude) Instrumental – from WICKED
* Defying Gravity feat. Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth (Live Performance)
Wicked music composed by Stephen Schwartz
No Copyright Infringement Intended
All Credits & Gratitude to WICKED & its creators and owners.
Based on a novel by Gregory Maguire

Margaret Hamilton as the Witch in the 1939 fil...

Margaret Hamilton as the Witch in the 1939 film version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Doll & Big Eyes Make Up Tutorial!

This makeup tutorial explains you how to imitate the look of a bjd short for ball jointed doll, dollfie doll, or asian doll as they are sometimes called.
An Inspiration to create this makeup was a doll itself, that some nice people at Hyper Japan gave me to pose for a photo. Tadaaaaa!

Now, Let’s Start!

Use moisturiser to create a base that makes your skin look smooth like porcelain.
Press the moisturiser with lifting strokes into your skin. Be gentle with your skin, the facial skin is the most sensitive, so make sure your hands and face are clean so you don’t transfer bacteria into your pores and avoid breakouts.

When the cream is absorbed, apply a second layer. Wait until the second one is absorbed by your skin too, and apply the third and last layer. Applying more than one layer of moisturiser is more effective.

This part is optional, but listen:
Before we start applying any makeup, insert circle lenses. It’s wrong inserting them after the makeup is done, as you risk that powder could come in touch with your lens, and you’d end up with a bad eye infection. Or, of course, your eye makeup and mascara would risk getting messed up.

Use a pink or peach toned concealer, 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone to create an even, and flawless base shade. Apply around the dark area under your eye, eyelids and the infamous T-Zone. Apply the second coat of concealer and blend, blend, blend, and blend. No magic, but only blending is the one key to create an even base.

Get powder in your natural skin tone. Lightly dab the sponge with the powder. Then, dab the sponge to your facial areas. We only dab, as pressing to much powder onto your skin would mess up the doll look. We want the difference between powder colour and concealer colour to be seen, as it creates a natural but doll like skin.

Dolls got mysterious, beautifully deep set eyes, so keep watching too see how you can do that, too!
Choose light pink eyeshadow, and apply colour from eyelid to brow bone. Choose a reddish brown and apply it to your outer eye corner, then blend the two colours.

As mentioned, make up is art, and there’s a wide variety of tools for us to use.

Take a lip liner, but use it as an eyeliner.
Line about the half of your lower lash line and blend moving your finger upwards.

Apply mascara, a lot of mascara, to make both your real lashes and lower lashes thick and long.Now get fake lashes. For a dolly look, look for lashes that aren’t too long, have a thin lash band,many but thin lashes, and have their ultimate longest lash pair set in the middle.

Use light pink blush. Smile and apply on your cheeks.
Apply blush on your temples, brushing downwards to your kidney.

This time, bronzer is not used to tan us, but to create shadows. Dab a small amount of bronzer on a powder brush and apply to your sides, over the light pink blush to create a warm and soft colour tone.

Dab some bronzer on your finger and apply to the sides of your nose. This will give an illusion of a narrow nose like most dolls usually have.

To create soft looking lips, line your lips with a brown lip liner. Blend the lip liner on your lips.
Stroke cherry red lip liner on your lips, then blend the 2 colours together. Dab red or pink lip gloss on your lips, then press them together. Now you have simply dreamy lips in soft colours!

Music by Kevin MacLeod: Cattails


Here are the makeup techniques to make my eyes big
and again that my eyes are very big and how do i make them bigger
annnnd we see that big eyes can touch people emotionally or something or just

So I thought I’d share with you my makeup technic on how I make my eyes big! Let’s start!

I usually wear circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger. This one with 17.5mm is bigger than the average 14.5mm circle lens. Depending on their design they have an eye enlarging effect andare available in various styles and sizes so there’s something for everybody.

I mostly use eyeshadows in natural tones as green, creme colour or brown because they give an effect of deeper set eyes, like of a doll.

The lightest colour, a creme one with some shimmer, will be applied up to the browbone. A light colour on the brow bone brightens the eyes, so it actually makes you look more “awake”.

The middle tone colour is applied from the inner corner followed by the darkest colour. This colour arrangement will give an illsuion of wider eyes.

A small tip:
Blend black eyeliner in your crease to make your eyes look more deeper.

Let’s continue with the eyeliner! Line the half of your lash line. Actually lining the third of your lash line opens your eye, but we are going to work this out later, so keep on watching!

Now get your mascara and don’t be greedy! Apply coat over coat until your lashes are really thick and long. To make it really effective, you’ll need to apply false lashes. But really thick and long ones. Another tip: Set them a bit off to make your eyes look wider.

Finally apply mascara over the falsies. After all, we want an effect that get’s noticed, right? An effective effect.

Back to the eyeliner: Thicken a bit more then the half of the line. This will open your eyes and
with this look, it’s more effective than lining only a third.

A well known must for bigger eyes is applying white eyeliner on your waterline, and inner eye corner.

Lashes play an important role in this look! So let’s apply lower ones, too.

And because we never can have enough lashes, we are going to draw them! Use a liquid eyeliner to draw lines that should look like really long lashes.
Then just blend them together with a black eyeliner, to fit them in.

Advanced Human Robot (A Make-up Transformation) – Robot Girl!

Blade Runner Inspired Makeup – “Pris”

Via Hollywood Noir Makeup

Products used:

MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Studio Finish Concealer – NW15
MAC Studio Fix- N3
MAC Studio Fix Fluid – NW15
MAC e/s- Gesso
MAC lip liner – Gingeroot
MAC Matte Lipstick – HoneyLove
MAC e/s – Carbon
MAC e/s – Knight Devine
MAC e/s – Deep Truth
MAC Dazzlelash – Dazzleblack
MAC eyeliner – Graphblack

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