Must haves for July!

Dose of Color 

(any of the lip products 

they are very pigmented)

Hair RePear T-Shirt Hair Towel

Trademark Lollia by Marmot Elona

Eau du Parfum in Calm

StriVectin Volumizing

Hand Treatment 

Captain Blakenship 

Golden Waves Sea Salt

Shimmer Spray

Sunday Riley Juno
Hydroactive Cellular 

Face Oil

Kopari Coconut Oil

Coconut Body Glow

Michael Todd 

Charcoal Detoxifying

Facial Mask

Health & Beauty Tech I’m into Now!


Northern Light Technology Flamingo Lux Bright Light Therapy Floor Lamp

Why I like it:

Most S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps are small desktop lights that have to be positioned just right to be effective. This floor lamp is much more versatile; it stands 4 feet tall fully assembled with a rotating head which allows you to angle the light for maximum comfort. Electronically powered ballast assures reliable performance with no flicker and no hum. Offers 10,000 lux at Full Spectrum Lighting a comfortable distance of 12 inches, UV blocked. Made in Canada following strict CSA safety guidelines, Canadian Standards Association. I put it together myself in under 5 minutes.



Oral-B BLACK 7000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun

Why I Like it:

It talks to your phone using Bluetooth giving you real-time feedback with the Oral-B app focuses brushing on your most important areas, tracks habits over time, motivates with helpful oral care tips, and senses when you brush too hard! Cross Action round brush head with perfectly angled bristles for a precise clean; though my favorite brush that comes with it is the whitening brush. I feel like I just came from a dental check up. Clinically proven superior 3D cleaning oscillates, rotates and pulsates to break up and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Rechargeable with 6 modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, and Tongue Cleaner.

Reminds you to floss and use mouthwash. Keeps a calendar on how long and how many times a day you brush. And more….

I’m lazy when it comes to dental care. The least amount of work the better! So I love to be told by the brush what to do to motive me!



Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing Brush


Why I Like it:

Just when I thought Clarisonic couldn’t get better, it did!!! It got intuitive! SMART technology enables the Smart Profile device to read the two new smart enabled brush heads and to automatically adjust between gentle and deep cleansing for an optimal head-to-toe experience. Brush Head replacement indicator illuminates to prompt you when it is time to replace the brush head. Speed auto-adjusts! Amplified turbo speed removes makeup 11x BETTER than hands alone delivering superior cleansing results. You can use 4 manual speeds as well!



DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Why I Like it:

Heating to a safe 185°C/365°F in mere seconds, this tool evenly distributes heat without damaging your tresses in the process and you control the level of volume. Plus, it’s simple to use, no clips or fuss, you simply brush your hair! I love that it saves time! The bristles glide through your hair without tugging or pulling, creating straight, frizz-free strands fast.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer a Review!


Not greatest moisturizer on the market but it makes up for it in innovation.

It was specifically designed for you to apply the lotion while still wet from the shower. It absorbs immediately to lock in moisture from your shower preventing it from evaporating. While you can apply any oil or lotion while still wet they take much longer to absorb and are slippery which can be dangerous in the bathroom. If your skin is not very dry that you can use this alone. If your skin is very dry you will need to follow up with additional oil or lotion on top of the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer.

Lightly and pleasantly fragranced the scent only lasted a few minutes. I think that for those with chronic dry skin adding this additional step maybe worth while.


Other Uses For Spray Cooking Oil Than In The Kitchen!

Now a days there are so many more choices for cooking sprays than just Pam.


There are organic coconut, olive oil, canola, grapeseed, and sunflower cooking sprays.



You can make your own with Misto.


With Misto you can add essential oils and blend more than one type of oil.

Tea tree for breakouts

Lavender for relaxation

Add vitamin E or D

Spray oils are great for your body and hair:

~ As a dry oil spray for your body; it’s quick, easy and you can apply immediately after a bath or shower to lock in moisture. Get hard to reach places like your back.

~ Dry nail polish quicker.

~ Spray directly into your hair or a little in your hands as a light hair oil to smooth, defrizz, and condition.

~ Spray on your legs or collar bone for a sexy shine.


~ Remove oil based paint, primer, and grease.

~ Remove crayon from walls than has a gloss finish not matte paint walls.

Be careful when you spray not to make your floor slippery. I don’t recommend for use on your face.

Must Have Products For February!

FacePlace Original Daily Face Shampoo

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment

Ambra di Venezia by AEDES

Nars Single Eye Shadow, Daphne – matte deep violet

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Cobalt Ink

Butter 3 Free Nail Lacquer in British Racing Green

Indigo: An Ancient Skincare Ingredient Given New Life!

Geisha have been in the know using soothing, calming, and healing ingredient Indigo for centuries!

This is the color that is called indigo in the Japanese traditional colors, a group of colors in use since beginning in 660 CE in the form of various dyes that are used in designing kimonos.  The name of this color in Japanese is ai-iro, which means indigo color.  In fact, during the Edo Period, the Samurai warriors wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to help skin wounds heal, earning the color the nickname “Samurai Blue.”

It is also widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis!

I know when you think of indigo you think of the rainbow, visible color spectrum (ROY G. BIV -Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo and Violet) or demin jeans (the dye used to color jeans comes from indigo!)  Denim is a tone of indigo Crayola which resembles the shade of indigo used in denim. Crayola created this color in 1993 as one of the new 16 colors.

Babyface Face & Cream

Get Real Denim Suds Soap

India is believed to be the oldest center of indigo dyeing in the Old World. It was a primary supplier of indigodye, derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, to Europe as early as the Greco-Roman era. The association of India with indigo is reflected in the Greek word for the ‘dye’, which was indikon (ινδικόν). The Romans used the term indicum, which passed into Italian dialect and eventually into English as the word indigo. The country of El Salvador has lately been the biggest producer of indigo.  The same indigo dye is contained in the woad plant, Isatis tinctoria, for a long time the main source of blue dye in Europe. Woad was replaced by true indigo as trade routes opened up, and both are now largely replaced by synthetic dyes.

D-Kuru from Wikimedia Commons

I’m Fabulous Firming & Lifting Cream

Indigo has anti-inflammatory benefits!  Wild Indigo extract stimulates beta endorphin release and provides relief for sensitive skins.

Tatcha’s Indigo Skincare Line

ESPA Repair and Restore Intensive Serum

Remedy Olivamine Skin Repair Cream

KOSE SEKKISEI SUPREME Revitalizing Cream and Lotion

Yes, the same plant that gives your jeans their characteristic hue turns out to be an under-appreciated! It has been known to be particularly beneficial to those with dermatitis and eczema.

Jeffrey James Botanicals The Creme Hallelujah

Huang Qin Gao Ointment (ShiZhen brand)

Pure Life Soap, Wild Indigo Shampoo and Conditioner

Indigo is added to many black hair dyes to enrich the black and give black hair that beautiful blue shine.

Auromere Ayurvedic Soap, Lavender-Neem

Kama Sutra Feel More Sexier Pheromone Body Lotion

Make Your Own Hand & Foot Soaks!

While the ingredients sound strange together keep in mind the ingredients are chosen for how they benefit your skin not how appetizing they are. You are not drinking these soaks you are making them to help give yourself softer and more youthful hands and feet. You could if you wish do a bath for your body with any of these soaks. Just remember to completely rinse your body afterwords, scrub and rinse out your tub, and you may want put a thin cloth or paper towel over the bath tub drain right before you drain the tub to collect ingredients from the soak so you don’t get a clogged drain. Another option is to put any large pieces in pantyhose and knot the ends to infuse the bath without a mess.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the soak don’t make the recipe you may have an allergic reaction!

Hand & Foot* Soak Recipes:

Put all ingredients in the below recipes in either a microwave safe bowl and microwave slowly at medium or low until warmed.  Or heat slowly in a non-copper pan at low heat until warm.  Once warm let the ingredients steep together for at least 10 minutes rewarm if necessary before soaking your hands or feet.

Always soak for 15-20 minutes unless stated and rinse your skin after the soak with water. Apply cuticle oil, I like Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil (available online or at Whole Foods), and hand or foot cream while the skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

*Double recipes for feet

The Egyptian:

Warm 1 quart of whole milk (cow or goat) or buttermilk

1 large hand full of fresh parsley
1 inch of fresh ginger sliced into thin slivers
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
3 tablespoons of maple syrup
3 tablespoons of honey

This recipe is natures way to naturally exfoliate & promote circulation this treatment really takes you back to the ancient Egyptians. Like Cleopatra bathing in milk for beautiful skin.

Dancing Happy:

For the hands & feet that need extra exfoliation.

Warm 1 pint soy milk
1 pint whole milk (cow or goat) or buttermilk
3 tablespoons of maple syrup
3 garlic cloves sliced, diced, minced or crushed, just not whole
1 teaspoon hot paprika or cayenne powder (beware of open skin or touching your eyes it will sting!)
2 cinnamon sticks

These ingredients help to relieve inflammation, stimulate circulation, warm & revitalize the body, great for dancers feet, overworked feet, & arthritis!

The Stain Remover Soak

Designed to lighten yellow nails! Do not use the recipe for anything other than your nails!

1 pint warm water


2 tablespoons lemon juice (beware of open skin and your eyes it may sting)
2 tablespoons strawberry juice
1 denture stain remover tablet
1 small hand full of parsley

Soak nails only for minutes or until stains are removed. Rinse well, then apply a good cuticle oil. Lemon juice is a great natural bleach for getting yellow stains out, strawberries are a natural whitener, denture stain remover helps lifts the pigment.


For those who need a little help with smelly feet this kills odor causing bacteria and deodorizes,

Warm 1 quart water

6 tablespoons of baking soda
3 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice
3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 large hand full each of fresh mint bruising the leaves and fresh parsley
1 orange sliced
3 tablespoons Epsom salts
1 tablespoon of chlorophyll

While I’ve attempted to use

credible sources for information,

this is not intended to be a

substitute for professional

medical advice or treatment.

If there is a disparity between

the information presented

within this blog and the advice

given by your medical professional,

please follow the medical professional’s

advice as he/she will know you

and your medical circumstances.

Brazilian Facial: AKA The Facial Down Below

Brazilian Facial: The 'New' Face Of Beauty via Huffington Post & You Beauty

Photo: Getty
Regardless of whether or not you remove your hair down there, you may be greeted by red bumps, ingrown hairs and other unwelcome issues — which are as uncomfortable as they are uncomfortable to talk about.

So when we heard of a service that could keep your skin completely clear and soft in the most sensitive (intimate!) of areas, we had to check it out. Ladies, meet the Brazilian Facial, a skincare treatment imported from Singapore’s Strip Ministry of Waxing, that may be coming to a salon near you.

Before we decide to add yet another treatment to our list of crazy things we do to our bodies, let’s backtrack a sec and ask: Why does maintaining ourselves below-the-belt make us feel more beautiful, anyway?

Women withstand 20 uncomfortable minutes of waxing for many reasons — one, that they actually feel more comfortable in the weeks of smoothness afterward. According to a Canadian study of 16 to 50 year-old women, the most popular reason for taking it off: prepping a bikini-clad bod to go out in public.

Others have a drastically different reason; removing hair is a religious or cultural practice. For example, pubic hair removal is religiously endorsed by the Muslim Sunan al-Fitra (“customs of nature”), a collection of cosmetic or hygienic practices believed to enhance, rather than detract from, one’s God-given beauty.

For non-religious reasons, removing pubic hair to feel “cleaner” and “more attractive,” as reported in the Canadian study, are surprisingly similar motives to why many women removed pubic hair thousands of years ago.

In ancient Greece, women used tweezers to pluck hair or even singed their hair off with hot coals. (Waxing doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?).

Lack of hairiness was associated with effeminacy and youth, according to historian Bella Vivante, Ph.D. and author of “Daughters of Gaia: Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World.” “Keeping them looking girl-like probably started for hygienic purposes, to keep oneself free from infestation.”

Today there’s still a notion that pubic hair removal is cleaner, though little evidence to prove it. In ancient times, this was more of an issue: Hair removal may have prevented infections arising from lice and fleas. “In Egypt it seems to be primarily for hygienic purposes,” says Dr. Vivante. “Egyptian women plucked using tweezers, and razors have been found in women’s graves.” Some historians even trace the hair removal “sugaring” technique back to the Ancient Egyptians.

Fast forward to today, and hair removal may actually cause more problems if you’re not careful. In some cases, shaving can cause inflammation of the hair follicles (folliculitis) that leads to rashes, itching and pimples or pustules in the infected area. It ain’t pretty, and can lead to a more serious infection if untreated. Even if you don’t remove hair, you can experience some of the same skin problems you have with your face. This is where the Brazilian Facial comes in…

The Brazilian Facial

I arrived for my Brazilian Facial, at the industrial-chic Strip Ministry of Waxing in New York City, highly skeptical. The name alone sounds like a mandate for hairlessness. But I learned a few surprising things. Firstly, the facial doesn’t require that you have a Brazilian bikini wax — they’ll administer the facial to all varieties of pubic hair fashion. Regardless, I received the “Wax and Polish” works, which included a Strawberry wax with chamomile and aloe vera that hardens before being removed, touted to be a bit less painful than soft wax.

While gripping my strawberry squeeze toy, I asked the aesthetician, “do guys ever do this?” To which she answered, absolutely: The Boyzilian. So if you’re enraged by the double standard of hair removal, or if the man in your life comments about your hair situation, you can enlighten him with his hair grooming options.

After the deed was done, the aesthetician started the “facial” using a handheld device, which is similar to the concept of microdermabrasian. But instead of using a stream of particles to perform the exfoliation, she used a diamond tipped applicator that acts as a physical exfoliant. It was painless and felt like light sandpaper. I had a 2-percent salicylic acid cleanser (one of three available cleanses) while a “wand” gently suctioned, which helped open pores so they don’t clog up with oil or stubbornly-trapped hairs. It could also treat acne and blackheads.

I’ll spare the details and just say that at the end of my cleanse, I was completely clear. Things down there felt better than ever.

If your concern is hyperpigmentation or age spots, you could opt for a lightening treatment. The Light solution uses peptides to slow the production of melanin and brighten skin. It’s said to treat melasma and photo damage without causing redness or itchiness. Instead of hydroquinone, it uses arbutin and mulberry as brightening agents, which are plant-derived extracts.

Dry skin is a common issue for women coming in for the treatment, which I was surprised to hear. The aesthetician has done quite a few hydrating treatments, using hyaluronic acid to moisturize, and calming chamomile to help with sensitivity.

You may be familiar with similar services for, you know, your face?

Don’t Have Access to a Brazilian Facial?

If you’re not getting professionally primped, you can try moisturizing and maintaining the area on your own. Salons like New York City’s Shobha offer natural lotions and exfoliating products specifically designed for your bikini area. Kelly Burns, aesthetician and owner of Your Face and Place has been sugaring for 11 years and sees ingrown hairs as the number one problem for women. “Use products with salicylic acid or glycolic acid solution to help remove dead skin cells so the hair can come through,” she says.

Unfortunately, if you’re ingrown-hair prone, you might not be able to control your destiny.

YouBeauty Dermatology Advisor Amy Wechsler, M.D. explains that the hair can curl before it reaches the surface, which ends up creating the bump before you have a chance to treat it. To avoid ingrown hairs and inflamed hair follicles, Dr. Wechsler’s treatment of choice is laser hair removal. Brazilian Facials can be performed immediately after an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment at Strip.

Hesitant as I am to take the step toward some more permanent hair removal (I like to remember I’m a ‘natural woman’), experts do agree it could prevent nearly all said hairy issues above.

By: Paige Lennox

CT Esthetic - I personally don't think that you really need to spend the
money on a Brazilian Facial, it can help women who are going through 
menopause and have dryness. I would recommend over a Brazilian Facial, 
Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex and Inner Intimates Vaginal Wash.
It is formulated by a Gynecologist the products cleanse, exfoliate, and
moisturize your intimate area.

Inner Intimates Vaginal Renewal Complex

Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Please note: These uses are for pure, unadulterated essential oils. Please know that not all essential oils are the same! Most essential oils are fragrant/cosmetic/perfume grade oils, Look for therapeutic-grade.

To clean non-carpeted floors, add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Then add 5 – 10 drops of lemon, pine, or spruce essential oil. If the floor is especially dirty, add several drops of dish washing soap. This will clean even the dirtiest floor.

To make a carpet freshener, add 16 – 20 drops of essential oils to 1 cup of baking soda or borax powder. Mix ingredients together well and place in a covered container overnight so that the essential oil can be absorbed. Sprinkle over carpet then vacuum the powder up.

You may also put 3-7 drops of Lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and place it into a vacuum bag – doing this scents the air while vacuuming. If your vacuum collects the dirt into water, simply add a few drops into the water reservoir before vacuuming. This refreshes both the carpet and acts as an air freshener.

Some essential oils can act as gentle stimulants to the limbic system of the brain by their scent, increasing alertness and concentration enhancing the capacity for learning, improving memory, and assisting many other cognitive functions. A wide range of essential oils offer these benefits, such as: Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary and Melissa. To help increase these functions simply inhale the chosen essential oil directly from the bottle or put a drop on a tissue and keep in your pocket for use throughout the day.

Use 1–2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease, grease spots, glue and adhesives, and crayon from most surfaces. Tip: try a test area before to make sure you won’t ruin any finishes.

Substitute lemon oil for lemon juice or lemon seasonings to flavor seafood, vegetables, beverages, and desserts. To use Lemon oil in place of the zest of “one” lemon – use 8 drops lemon essential oil.

Combine 2–3 drops with water in a 4oz. spray bottle filled with water to help cleanse and sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Soothe or prevent corns, callous, or bunions by rubbing 1-2 drops of Lemon oil on the affected area, morning and evening.

Fill a bowl with cold water, add 2–3 drops of Lemon oil, and drench fruit and vegetables in the lemon water to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Add a drop to your dishwasher before the wash cycle for spot-free dishes.

Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on immune function. According Jean Valnet, M.D., the vaporized [diffused] essence of lemon can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Staphylococcus aureus in two hours, and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Even a 0.2% solution of Lemon oil can kill diphtheria bacteria in 20 minutes and inactivate tuberculosis bacteria.

Lemon has been shown to have antidepressant effects in research done by Komori, et al.,1995. Diffuse or inhale Lemon oil to receive the benefits of aromatherapy.

Lemon oil may help brighten a pale, dull complexion by removing the dead skin cells. Simply mix a drop with your cleanser to help promote healthier skin tone.

Lemon oil can serve as an effective insect repellent.

Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a wart morning and night, may help it to disappear.

Rub 1-3 drops of Lemon oil to clean a butcher’s block or other cutting surfaces to disinfect those surfaces.

Add one teaspoon of lemon essential oil to one-cup mineral oil for an effective furniture polish.

Homemade lemonade, in a blender mix 2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and two cups of pure water. Adjust the amount of each ingredient to suit your own taste.

Put a drop of Lemon oil on bleeding gum’s caused by gingivitis or tooth extraction to help with healing and disinfecting.

Rub 4-6 drops of Lemon oil with 1 teaspoon of Massage Oil on cellulite, may improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.

Rub 4-6 drops of Lemon oil with 1 teaspoon of Massage Oil on varicose veins, may improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.

Some find lemon oil to help remove warts. Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a wart morning and night, may help it to disappear.

Put 10-15 drops of Lemon oil in each gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains and brighten the rug. This also leaves a fresh smell in the room.

Diffuse Lemon essential oil to freshen the air in your home or office.

Add 1-2 drops Lemon oil to a glass of water, tastes yummy, no calories, and alkalizes the water. Tip: only use a glass glass as Lemon oil WILL dissolve items made from petrochemicals and styrofoam.

Soak kitchen dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water with a drop of Lemon oil to disinfect and kill germs.

Rub a drop of Lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom to sanitize hands.

Use a paper towel soaked with several drops of Lemon oil to sanitize bathroom fixtures.

Place a drop of Lemon oil on cold sores, herpes or other mouth ulcers to lessen pain, may aid in healing.

Rub two drops of Lemon oil topically, may clear athlete’s foot.

Heartburn is a burning pain felt behind the breastbone. It is most often the result of acid reflux, that is, when stomach acid rises up the esophagus where it irritates the lining. Lemon essential oil (which comes from the rind, not the pulp) is one of the best remedies for heartburn, as it causes the stomach to stop excreting digestive acids. Simply add a drop or two of Lemon oil to a small glass of water and drink.

Relaxing & Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Bath Salt Recipe: 1 drop Grapefruit oil, 1 drop Lemon oil, 1 drop Orange oil, 1 drop Patchouli oil, 3 drops Ylang Ylang or Geranium oil, 1 cup Epsom Salts or Sea Salt. Add to running bath water. Soak for 20 minutes.

NingXia Red Electrolyte Drink Recipe: Combine 2 oz. Ningxia Red
,16 oz. purified water
, 20 drops YL Mineral Essence
, 1 drop YL Lemon oil
, 1 drop YL Peppermint oil
, 1 teaspoon YL Blue Agave. Mix ingredients together in a glass bottle (I like to re-use my empty NingXia Red bottles to keep my water and mixes in, they’re nice sturdy bottles). You can make a more watered down version for the kids. More on NingXia Red.

Refreshing Bacteria Killing Spray: You’ll need – 32 oz. spray bottle, 8 drops Spearmint oil, 8 drops Lemon oil, 6 drops Lavender oil, 6 drops Thyme oil, 6 drops Rosemary oil, 4 drops Eucalyptus globulus, and water. Fill spray bottle 7/8 of the way with water, add your Young Living essential oils. Shake the mixture well and periodically during use. This mixture smells as terrific as it is powerful at killing germs.


In a long-term relationship with your loofah? Stop Now! You’ll want to read this!

Via One of My Favorite Beauty Blogs!!!  Tres Savage By Jake

OK, so this is something I was reading about recently and I absolutely died! I feel like when it comes to beauty we’re conscious of so many things…but unfortunately there are still so many things we’re barely aware of. Today, we’re going to be talking about why you should be ditching your loofah…and I’m going to give you a couple of strong reasons as to why.

Click for enlarged view

Exfolia Beauty Cloth


What’s the big deal?

If you’re anything like me (which you are…that’s why you’re reading my blog) you’re probably in a long-term relationship with your loofah. Really though, the truth of the matter is that you should be changing your loofah about every week or so and tossing the old one. I know it sounds ridiculously expensive but a lot of discount stores tend to carry loofahs or exfoliating gloves in bulk (if you’re lucky) and you can get them for about a quarter a piece, which definitely makes it so worth it…! I guess I still haven’t told you what the problem is though, so let’s get into the downfalls of our beloved loofahs.

Due to their intricate webbing a wet loofah will literally pick up all of the dirt and debris from your skin and keep it locked inside. This means that if you’ve ever had a scab, excess skin on your feet from wearing heels or anything of that nature, all of those things are going to be left on your loofah after cleansing. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough you can actually see the debris through the webbing and even if you try to rinse it out, it will never completely clean it. Not only that, every time you wash yourself you’ll only be adding that bacteria back to your body…and as you know, that’s never a good thing.

The best types of loofahs are the ones that resemble a washcloth (washcloths themselves are more abrasive though and don’t slough away as much of the dead skin on your body and require four times more product, so don’t try and opt out for an actual washcloth) . They are just as effective as the big poofy ones, but they can be cleaned in your washing machine as often as you like! The washing machine easily removes dirt and debris while the heat of the dryer kills any remaining bacteria. One of these loofahs is about a ten dollar investment, but they should last you about six months to a year if they’re properly cared for (and they’re so worth it).

Important Note:

As great as it sounds to have a handful of loofahs lying around the house, in a situation where that isn’t possible you can soak your loofah in scalding hot water for about 30 seconds or soak them then put in the microwave for a minute or two (will be very hot remove with tongs!)…this will help to kill the majority of the bacteria (not all of it, but the majority). You also have the option of tossing it in the washing machine if you need to (and no, the fibers won’t break down during the cycle), but if the loaf pouf isn’t tied together tightly when made to won’t hold its shape if run through the washing machine.

I don’t recommend using these exfoliating cloths or loofahs on the face with the exception of the Exfolia cloth, which shouldn’t be used in the eye area and if used on the face use a separate cloth for the body!


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